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NW Trend For the Win! (1/21-1/22 2022 storm) Obs Thread


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9 minutes ago, kvegas-wx said:

Very surprised at the lack of any 6+ inch reports from Roxboro out to the coast.  I figured there would be several this morning.  How about our Norfolk peeps?

Me too…. How in the world did CLT Metro get 2-3” …. Ended up at 2” here at the house….. out of that band yet Raleigh had 6 extra hours and only got 4-5”? 

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Final total here in Moyock township at my place at least is 7.2in with a SWE of 12:1. Absolutely impressive system. Typically only see that when we visit family in Northern Iowa lol.

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This is one of my favorite snows ever. The emotional roller coaster leading up, then a small snow the day before, all day in 20’s, then a period of heavy dry snow and absolutely no mixing start till finish, now cold and cloudy the day after. What an awesome event, especially after all these years of letdowns. Not huge totals here but it sounds like it snowed everywhere in the state and most if not all of central NC hit warning criteria. Happy happy happy. About to go out for my 3rd walk of the day 

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