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  1. Ended up with 2” in Columbia, SC. May as well have been a foot it’s been so long. Was my 7 year olds first snow here. Neighborhood kids were up until 10:30 going crazy. Fun times.
  2. Was really hoping to get some action in CAE this year. My daughter is 6 and hasn't had a good snow yet. She's seen flurries twice I think. Every time it gets cold she asks is it going to snow.
  3. Got an inch over a long period of time which was nice.
  4. Dry as a bone in CAE. Missed the line of storms that came through last Friday. Don't even remember the last time we got a good soaking IMBY. Welcome the cooler temps this weekend but, man, need some rain. Nothing but sunshine on the 10 day last I checked either.
  5. Keep missing the rain at my house. Been trying to keep up with watering but it’s just too damn hot. Need a good rain soon. Like the Sahara where the sprinkler is not reaching.
  6. Right around 6 inches total at my house since Wednesday.
  7. Got a good hard rain this evening for about 25 minutes. Picked up about half an inch, maybe more. Just felt good. Went outside, listened and took in that rain smell. Been WAY too long.
  8. Heck yeah. Still hasn’t rained at my house in CAE since 5/11. Got dark and windy for a time yesterday but sun was out within 30 mins. Need some rain!
  9. Awesome thanks for your help. I’ll check out a landscape supply store and get it out earlier this fall. Been using something from Lowe’s.
  10. Thanks. I put mine down yesterday before the rain today. When do you typically put it down in the fall? I put it down late September and again December 1 and my yard is still eat up with chickweed this spring. Guess I’ll try putting it down in August this year.
  11. With the warmup this week, should I go ahead and put down preemergent? Seems so early but can’t miss that window.
  12. We were really spared in Columbia. Only got 3.5 inches of rain and no real damage anywhere to be seen. Just small limb and leaf debris. After the flood of 2015 everyone took the forecast seriously thankfully. Thoughts are definitely with those who are in the affected areas.
  13. Need rain! Came back from vacation and everything is even more burnt that before I left as we got zero rain. Been a while for us. Hopefully the pattern will change soon and we'll get wet.
  14. My neck of the woods in CAE hasn't seen a good rain in a while. We've just missed the storms that have been in the area. Grass is all burnt up but it's a losing battle trying to water when it's 100 and sunny every day this week.
  15. Was warm yesterday but hardly any sun. Suns out today with a brisk wind. Need this system to drop some rain on me tomorrow as I need to get my pre-emergent out!
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