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  1. Crickets in here and now I see why after seeing the 18z. Nothing but rain and no cold air to be found through day 10. After that not even worth looking at. This winter can't end quick enough. What a damn disaster.
  2. There is nothing to see next weekend outside the mountains folks. Where would it get colder air from? A phase? Good luck with that in the se and maintain a favorable track.
  3. What a storm signal! How will I ever shovel all that GEFS snow!
  4. Better enjoy it now! You won't get any come June!
  5. I knew in December January was toast. Now it looks like February is too. I can't believe the GSP to RDU corridor may get skunked completely. I'd give that an 80% chance of happening right now. But I'm not surprised with today's climate.
  6. Those days are over! Last 4 have been basically spring months. And this one will make 5.
  7. That doesn't apply when it's a good thing.
  8. Nobody really thought all that moisture was going to hang around once it got cold did they? That's not how this works. Colder drier air holds less moisture. Give me a 0.5 to 0.75 inches of liquid and cold and call it a day. Theres a reason 1-2 foot snows are so rare down here. A 6 inch storm is great down here.
  9. So let me get this straight. The low is off the coast and moves back over land in Charleston and moves due noth from there?
  10. Game on until Wxsouth starts hyping and it's all over then!
  11. My money is on panel 17 being closest to reality. We've seen this movie way too many times and should know the ending.
  12. I don't take these op runs literally. But that's 3 in a row of crap. Can't help but wonder if the wheels are wobbling a little now and its only a matter of time before the ensembles push the pattern change back too.
  13. The 0z ensembles. I cant get the image to load for some reason. Has huge -EPO with split flow and even a hint of a -NAO.
  14. Yeah I know. Just talking junk to Mack. The EPS is beautiful at 500mb.