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  1. Sorry I got them mixed up. I edited the post. Check wxsouth facebook post.
  2. 1 down 1 to go. I see wxsouth has threw in the towel. When JB gives up im dead.
  3. What strength did the high pressure to the north end up being? Did it slide out too soon?
  4. I dont know what happened from 1979-89 we had alot of blockbuster sleet/snow events. From 1990-to present it has be absolute dumpster fire city. Except for jan 2000 that was good.
  5. Yea it will warm up and rain unless you got 5000ft + of elevation even then it will be a mix.
  6. In NC we waste 99.9999999999999999999999999 percent of the cold we get. For some reason most of us forgot that. It might have been the last 20 years of mostly dumpster fire winters we have had . We forgot we could even get cold and stay cold for a week I remember the 1989 cold outbreak. We didn't get a single flake.
  7. Remember we have not flipped to a cold amo yet. It might be 7 or 8 more years before we flip. Combine that with low solar and we might see our yearly snowfall averages return to the averages in the 1980's or even better.
  8. Since we have snowfall maps of the past. Why don't we compile as many as possible and figure out where the Natural screw zones are in the state. I know it will not be 100 percent correct but I bet it would beat models 75 percent of the time. That map of the jan 22-23 1987 is one that has stuck in my mind since it happened. I was just on the screw zone side. I didnt even get a dusting. A tiny bit of snow was around the base of trees and that was it. Then It turned to a little freezing rain. Then just plain rain. That event is what got me into winter weather.