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2021-2022 Fall/Winter Mountains Thread


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I was looking at this and I was like, this dude owns a plumbing supply spot and sure enough!  Love it man I hear business is good up in that area!  Just like it is everywhere else in WNC.
Haha. Yes sir, business is booming just like this winter storm! I'm shocked that despite massive price increases across the board, construction and remodeling have only increased. Of course, this area is pretty immune to much concern where money is involved, they've evidently got enough to burn in case the power goes out. ;)

Zero complaints business-wise, save for the supply chain headaches!

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1 minute ago, wncsnow said:

We get about 6 inches before some sleet gets close

I’m no expert but looking at some of the “sleet” soundings, it sure seems like it’d still be a Snow/Sleet mix. The warm nose is there but not egregiously in our area. I imagine it’d be snowing fatties and mixing with a bit of sleet.

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Just now, BlueRidgeFolklore said:

What do you think is causing the short range models to struggle with this?

Honestly I think its the shear amount of energy flying around in the atmosphere.  Don't get me wrong that low is going to try and drive into WNC, but the air up here is going to be colddd.  I just think we have an anomaly on our hands here and the short range models are struggling to decide where that low redevelops off the coast.

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