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  1. Buckethead, I am in love with all the pictures you post. You have got to be in one of the best spots in the southeast for upslope snow and just awesome wildlife. I follow you on Instagram as well. I need to come stay with you on one of these NWFS setups. Truly enjoy your pictures and posts.
  2. It is lightly snowing here again. It hasn’t completely stopped at any point. The lake down below looks like it is turning white. looks like there is a layer of ice on top and the snow has stuck to it. Can’t wait for sunrise.
  3. Always appreciate the help and insight from the locals. Y’all are all great. We try to chase one event every year, but I keep up with you guys all winter season. I will always be back to this thread when we come up for a chase. Thankful I got to participate. Big shout out to Rainforest who was a wealth of knowledge for our trip up here since he also is in Lake Toxaway. The mountains are a special place and I’m thankful they are only a 4.5 hour drive from my house. Looking forward to seeing the sunrise over the snow and getting out of here once things are safe.
  4. It’s been snowing real fine small flakes at a decent rate ever since it got dark. I’ll never forget the Christmas storm of 2010 just outside of gatlinburg. We went to bed with the same type of snow I’m seeing now and got 5+ inches over night. I know that won’t happen here, but man that was an unforgettable NWFS setup that night in sevier county.
  5. Snowing good again here as well. Does Transylvania ever setup well in NWFS setups? I’ve witnessed it in gatlinburg before, but figure we’d be too south here.
  6. Band from South Carolina seems like it’s having a hard time crossing over. Still light snow here. Hoping for one more hammer time!
  7. Beautiful, rates picking back up. Bet these drifts will be 3 ft before it’s all said and done. Wife and I went on a walk and had many spots that measured 15-18 inches. Coming up over my just about my knee high boots.
  8. That band coming from the SW looks like the last heavy band we had a couple hours ago and it’s not moving super fast. Should be a fun one to watch before dark.
  9. What an event. I could live up here. Thankful to have kept power to this point. If they don’t blow out private drive then there is zero chance we leave tomorrow. Can’t wait to see what this place looks like with the sun shining on all this snow.
  10. Flakes are definitely smaller but they are still coming down nicely. Definitely one I’ll never forget. Lake toxaway just became my favorite chasing destination. looks to be another nice band down towards Gainesville that will be moving in soon.
  11. I just measured a 28 inch drift on the deck. Getting 13-15 inch measurements consistently in the the driveway.
  12. Your reports almost match mine exactly. What a snow. HRRR still has 4-6 more!!
  13. This is crazy!!! It is snowing so hard right now and has been the last hour.
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