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  1. I am living vicariously through this thread. Pulling hard for all you Tennessee folks. It’s 35 in Birmingham with a stiff and steady wind. No ground truth to the snow on radar unfortunately as of yet. I sure would love to be in a cabin tonight with some elevation. Y’all have a Merry Christmas and reel this one in! I’ll be back for another storm before winter is finished.
  2. We just got back to Birmingham! It was a little sketchy getting out of the driveway but all the roads in and around ski mountain road were just slushy. The highest measurement I got was 4 inches on the porch. It was a beautiful snow and a lot more fell than actually accumulated. It took awhile to get going and it snowed lightly all night last night. I bet if it were later in the season it would have been more. It also was coming down great as we were leaving all the way past pigeon forge and close to Knoxville. Wouldn’t be surprised if the cabin picked up a little more after we left. We will be back again soon!
  3. GFS, RGEM, and NAM all say more NW flow snow tonight until daybreak. The HRRR is not currently matching up with what’s on radar.
  4. Thats exactly the type flakes we are getting here right now. Reminds me of the flakes I saw fall for the Christmas 2010 storm on Christmas night and then I woke up to like 4 more inches of snow. Maybe it'll roll for awhile and tack on some more.
  5. Returns are really starting to decrease at the moment. Probably have 3-4 inches right now. The wind has blown a lot of it around.
  6. I sure hope we can make it down tomorrow. We are set to check out tomorrow and have to be out by 11. I know in the past they've typically plowed/salted/taken good care of the roads around these cabins, but I am definitely a little concerned about it. Hopefully all will be okay in the morning. I have a tacoma truck, but do not own chains.
  7. Y’all the yellow returns just keep coming snd the wind is howling! You can’t even see the lights of downtown gatlinburg. I know the weather channel app is crap, but they’ve even upped it to 5-8 inches tonight. If these heavy returns continue then I think those amounts may be possible
  8. From MRX afternoon disco From MRX afternoon disco... The higher elevations of the Appalachians will see the highest totals with 4-8 inches across the winter storm warning. The HREF along with other guidance continues to paint 6-12 inches across the highest peaks, above 5000 feet. Precipitation will quickly end from west to east overnight and by 12Z Tuesday expect only the higher elevations to see remaining snow. If I see 6+ then I will probably faint.
  9. I have a feeling when that sun goes down and that heavy band after dark gets going that it’s gonna stack up quick with temps in the mid to low 20s.
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