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  1. The storm down near Laurel has me nervous. The track its taking would be dangerously close to us on down the line tonight
  2. Things seem to be getting more active.
  3. I am fairly concerned here just to the SW of Birmingham about later. HRRR has been consistent on some very strong storms in the line that I believe will have some embedded tornadoes. My home is in an area that has produced some dangerous tornadoes in the past.
  4. PDS watch coming soon for Central and North Alabama.
  5. Decent signal on the 12z EPS, and euro had some light snow on its 12z run. Wasn’t able to get away last weekend, but should be able to this weekend if things can pan out. EPS sniffing out some big dogs like the crazy 12z gfs run the other day in the longer range
  6. CMC looked great for the upcoming weekend. Big totals for the high elevations.
  7. Holycrap at what the 12z GFS just spit out. Obviously not gonna happen but dang
  8. Euro and CMC look decent for another shot next weekend, but GFS has been dry. GEFS and EPS have some decent noise, maybe next weekend y’all can score again.
  9. The latest NAM and RGEM looks to have some heavier convective type snow late tomorrow night and into Sunday morning. The GFS doesn’t look bad either. Smokies look to do decent. I’m gonna watch runs today, but may have to get a place up off ski mountain road in gatlinburg. Congrats to all who scored last night! Love seeing the posts and pics
  10. You fellas are getting me excited with all these reports. May bite the bullet and make a trip up yalls way for the Friday night into Saturday morning system. Anxious to see how it looks on tonight’s runs. 18z was pretty bullish on both the NAM and GFS.
  11. Models look pretty interesting for next weekend as well. Hope y’all do well today and maybe I’ll be part of the mountain crew forum next weekend!
  12. Happy for you guys that have scored. I am really hoping yall can score on another one before the season is over so that I can make another trip!
  13. Good luck today and tomorrow everybody! We had a nice little snow shower here at the house in bham. Hope you guys do great this weekend!
  14. Good looking overnight ensembles for some of you guys. Man, I hope y’all rake in on some snow! Ensembles have seemed to keep improving for this one unlike the previous two weekends.
  15. The little snow that fell blew away with all the heavy winds we had last night. I can see some snow on the highest peaks of the mountains. Time to head back to Alabama but I’ll be back next winter and hope to pick a better storm. I’ll be keeping up with you guys and hope y’all can score before winter is over this winter. I look forward to coming back next winter for a hopeful big dog snow storm!
  16. We are at a powder right now. We will likely wake up to a nice dusting but maybe it’ll squeak out a little more. Just glad it finally got to start falling.
  17. Anybody else getting any right now? It’s coming down hard now!!
  18. Been coming down for about a half hour. Deck rails and grill cover is becoming white. Took awhile for the clouds to stay in, but it’s coming along nicely now. im sipping on some woodford and In a hot tub. Let’s go
  19. NWS in there latest update still saying 1-2 inches 4000ft and higher, so Met1985 may be right about being patient. I know it’s plenty cold enough to fall as snow here, we just need some moisture to filter in.
  20. Flakes didn’t last. It just can’t get established. I keep seeing clouds to my NW, but they just can’t make it to me just yet. Hopefully they will soon
  21. Dandruff size flakes just started falling at the cabin
  22. Looking decent to the NW. feels like the temp is really dropping off!
  23. Ran into a heavy snow shower up at the blue ridge parkway and it coated everything real nice for a bit. Soco falls is also beautiful. Picking up a pizza at Cafe Italiano and then taking it easy in the cabin and watching the Alabama basketball game. Will be ready for some action tonight.
  24. Drove up to the blue ridge parkway and had a nice snow shower for about 5 minutes. Met1985 you have me a little excited for tonight.