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  1. WxJordan

    Hurricane Florence

    Very interesting run by the EURO; however, a majority of the operational models has moved the system to the south approximately 40-60 miles towards the NC/SC border, which the EURO and its ensembles has been showing for many days now. The exceptions are the GGEM and the UKMET. This is why I personally believe the most likely place for landfall is around the NC/SC border at the moment. I know many want to focus on what happens after 48-72 hours; however, all the models diverge because the storm is expected to slow down or even stall. This makes any forecast after the 72 hour mark extremely difficult, which is why the current cone of uncertainty is over 450 miles wide...
  2. WxJordan

    Hurricane Florence

    There is more uncertainty with this track than I prefer. The models all agree that this storm will slow down or stall, which is a forecasting nightmare. With the tropical wave in the Caribbean, uncertainty remains. Eastern and central NC looks to be hit hard with winds and flooding rain; however, I would not let my guard down west of 77 yet and in SC.
  3. WxJordan

    Hurricane Florence

    This was my greatest fear as well for us in the western Carolinas. It will be interesting to see if other models trend toward the EURO today since the EURO does have support from its ensembles.
  4. WxJordan

    1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    Light snow in Morganton, 33° with a dusting so far.
  5. WxJordan

    Winter Storm 1/6 - 1/8, 2017

    It can happen, but the strength of the upper level disturbance should help us east of the mountains. We always have to worry about that dry slot, & unfortunately its not something that is easily forecasted. Personally, I think the area will see around a quarter of an inch of precip, which is 2-4 or 3-6 inches of snow.
  6. Just issued my first call map. Choose to stay on low end of guidance due to warm nose.....
  7. WxJordan

    February 25th-26th Winter Storm OBS

    4.25 inches of snow total for the event. Hildebran, NC
  8. WxJordan

    February 25th-26th Winter Storm OBS

    Heavy snow mixed with sleet in Hildebran. Temp 33
  9. WxJordan

    February 25th-26th Winter Storm OBS

    Light snow begins near Hickory, Temp: 37.7°
  10. WxJordan

    Feb 25-26 Discussion/pbp

    Good Morning! I have updated my snow map and here is the latest call. Some areas could see locally heavier amounts where banding sets up. The biggest change was to lower western NC into a 3-6 category with higher amounts along the southern facing slopes of NC. Otherwise, the forecast is on track and looks good at the moment.
  11. WxJordan

    Feb 25-26 Discussion/pbp

    Some of the moisture from this system will be brought from the Atlantic Ocean. There will be southeasterly winds almost entirely through the storm, so this could help to enhance the precipitation through the Carolinas. I expect that models could be under-doing the precipitation in certain areas, and that is why I am not shocked when the NAM increased precipitation at 0z. I expect nearly all the state to receive at least a 1/2 of an inch of precipitation, and areas from roughly I-77 west to receive over 3/4 of an inch of precipitation. Further east, 1+ inch of precip is likely.
  12. WxJordan

    Feb 25-26 Discussion/pbp

    MY FIRST CALL MAP.... There will be surprises from this system, and someone will receive a lot of snow. I would not be shocked to hear some totals of 12 inches of snow, especially in the northeast part of NC and southeastern VA. Some areas could see bands of snow putting down 2-3 inches per hour. Crazy rates will be likely across the southeast. Thundersnow will also be possible as the storm deepens off the eastern seaboard. The difficult part of this forecast is determining where that elusive rain/snow line will set up. This map does a decent job at determining where that rain/snow line will set up; however, it may shift 30-50 miles depending on the final track of the storm. The energy at 500 mb is really strong, and this is what makes this storm different compared to the storm last week. The upper level dynamics are better, and thus I think precipitation totals will be higher as well. I actually think most areas east of the Blue Ridge will see over .5 of an inch of precipitation from the event in just 9 hours. Raleigh could see over an inch of precipitation from this event. There is no doubt this will be a fun storm to track, and I am looking forward to seeing what this storm produces. To read more about my opinions on this storm, you can visit my website: http://wxjordan.com/weather-forecast/forecast/184-major-winter-storm-brings-big-snow-to-southeast-united-states
  13. WxJordan

    Wed Feb 18th Convective Snow Shower Chances

    This type of system can provide some unexpected results, and I would not be shocked if a few areas reach one to two inches of snow outside the mountains in North Carolina and into Virginia. With the amount of energy and the unstable air mass ahead of the front, the dynamics are favorable for snow showers east of the mountains. Even though there will be northwest flow, there will be abundant energy and there appears to be good low level moisture in place. When all is said and done, I expect reports of a dusting to an inch of snow in places outside the mountains. The band of snow showers could have embedded elements that produce snow rates up to 1-2 inches an hour, and the precip axis should push through within two hours. It will be fun to watch this system unfold. Be sure to check out my blog post about this event: http://wxjordan.com/weather-forecast/forecast/175-quick-hitting-snow-possible-before-arctic-blast
  14. WxJordan

    February 16th - February 17th Snow/Ice Storm OBS

    25 and sleet Hildebran (near Hickory)
  15. WxJordan

    Feb 16th/17th/18th Winter Wx

    I felt GSP was very conservative with their forecast, and even their discussion mentions precipitation ending Monday evening in the west. I feel like this is too early. Even the most recent NAM has precipitation lasting through early Tuesday morning in western NC, so I feel like the precipitation will not end as quickly. I feel like most areas will receive over .5 of an inch of precipitation from this event. We shall see.