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  1. Watching this line from here in Macon with ya, rips. Yeah, not good.
  2. 06z GFS closes off a low(weak) over southern Mississippi on Saturday morning which gives a little blue-radar stuff to northern parts of Alabama. Fizzles as it reaches Georgia as the low is squashed. 00z did as well, but just a little further north before squashing as well. Neither Euro or CMC have shown this feature. Curious to see if 12z has it today.
  3. "And this mornings's weather report, Bob, has us with sunny skies, 38 degrees, with a slight chance of iguanas........."
  4. Sleet sounds good and yeah, he would love it. And, it has been a while, and I think I posted iI in the banter thread a year or so ago, and I might have missed some update, but what's the story with Tony? No word from him in years.
  5. Merry Christmas to all AmericanWX !!! May the future find your winters filled with snow and your hearts with the Joy of the Season !!!
  6. Dang. Here in Macon it's raining at 39deg and lightning popping outside like it's summertime.
  7. Glad to hear it ! Only benefit, I guess, is that you've got a lots of time to read our silly postings on the weather !
  8. Any update on Frosty's surgery?
  9. Reading this type of thing for quite a while now and haven't seen this term before. National Weather Service Denver/Boulder CO 501 AM MDT Sun Oct 27 2019 .SHORT TERM...(Today and tonight) Issued at 501 AM MDT Sun Oct 27 2019 The cold air has moved into northern Colorado overnight, and as the airmass has moistened, temperatures in the moist layer have remained warmer than -10C, resulting in super-cooled liquid water hydro-meteors. Until the airmass becomes even cooler, freezing drizzle will continue falling. Road temperatures appear to be remaining just above freezing, so ice accumulation has been limited to elevated surfaces.
  10. 0.15 at MCN yesterday evening. And I heard thunder, too. (it's the small things) Currently 65 with winds out of the west at 5mph. 3 squirrels tearing up bird feeders. 1 deer eating whats left of the wilted hydrangeas.
  11. Just arrived home from shopping and can verify that clouds sometimes produce precipitation that looks like fairy spit here at MCN. (but I still never turned on my wipers)
  12. 102 at MCN. 4 out of last 7 days at 100 or higher. Personally, I have totally enjoyed the anomalous September. It's been dry, yes, but it's been great to be outside without your clothes getting wet before you get to the car.
  13. 50 at MCN this morning, this, only two-and-a-half days after it hit 103. That's a pretty big swing for us.
  14. Took a screenshot of this Satellite Photo from yesterday. I was enamored with it so I showed it to my family. Everyone sees something different, but tell me what you see off the coast of the Carolinas?
  15. 200mph gate-to-gate shear on tornado at Perry, GA