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The recent warmth slowed the changes down, but leaves are looking pretty nice at this point (I'd guess 60% looking at Canaan Mountain).  However, with the cooler, drier weather settling in, I would suspect that next weekend we will be getting close to peak colors, and the weekend after should really be colorful as well.  

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3 minutes ago, ravensrule said:

At least for the next 2 days we will all feel like you, after that it's back to work :weep: . I'm jealous. 

Keep banging that work drum and one day you will get there.  MY dumbass was just lucky and I started working when I was a fetus.  


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From Mount Holly AFD.. Nice.

If you like fall weather, next week is the week for you. Following the cold frontal passage on Tuesday, several days of near to slightly below seasonable temperatures and mainly dry weather are expected. The large scale pattern will be dominated by deep upper level low pressure over New England, which will slowly drift south- southeast through the week. Strong ridging will be present over the Great Lakes and Midwest. Despite the close proximity of the upper low, it is unlikely to be a problem for us, with a lack of moisture and forcing over the mid-Atlantic preventing rainfall. However, the low will serve to keep away the anomalously warm air associated with ridging to our west, which at least for the time being will prevent any resurgence of summer-like air.

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1 minute ago, H2O said:

Another 10/10 morning. Low 53

agree.  Perfect weather yesterday and today for my daughter's softball tournament.  Yesterday it was so nice that i Kept the long sleeve shirt on all day and wasn't uncomfortable at all in the full sun,

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19 hours ago, CAPE said:

We are on the right side of an impressive Omega block this week.

I believe that is a record block.   As some have stated,  we need record blocks these days to get any meaningful cooling.   


from bluewave


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