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The Annual Countdown to May 1 Thread ©


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Well folks, believe it or not, severe weather season is QUICKLY approaching. Yes we are moving into the dead of winter, however, once we reach the top, it's a rapid downhill tumble towards the month of May. Last season we had a few solid events, including the significant outbreak in CT. While we did have a few solid events, the overall convective season (in terms of events SUCKED). I was so pissed off. With COVID, I worked strictly from home from mid-March through I think it was late June or early July...and I live 2 MINUTES from BDL...I was so pumped thinking I would have so many opportunities to watch storms come in at BDL....I ONLY GOT TO GO 2 OR 3 TIMES AND IT WAS LATE SUMMER....UNACCEPTABLE. Let's hope this season fares better. 

With that said...let's get the countdown rolling with only 113 days to go!!!!!

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