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The Annual Countdown to May 1 Thread ©


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Well folks, believe it or not, severe weather season is QUICKLY approaching. Yes we are moving into the dead of winter, however, once we reach the top, it's a rapid downhill tumble towards the month of May. Last season we had a few solid events, including the significant outbreak in CT. While we did have a few solid events, the overall convective season (in terms of events SUCKED). I was so pissed off. With COVID, I worked strictly from home from mid-March through I think it was late June or early July...and I live 2 MINUTES from BDL...I was so pumped thinking I would have so many opportunities to watch storms come in at BDL....I ONLY GOT TO GO 2 OR 3 TIMES AND IT WAS LATE SUMMER....UNACCEPTABLE. Let's hope this season fares better. 

With that said...let's get the countdown rolling with only 113 days to go!!!!!

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1 hour ago, H2Otown_WX said:

Reviving this thread, I could barely find it lol. Anyway, just 41 days until May 1st. Wiz or anyone else, any thoughts on this year's severe season? I'm sure it will disappoint as it usually does lol.

What severe season???

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1 hour ago, CT Rain said:

Sunday may raise some eye brows. 


It's very intriguing, especially if we can destabilize. I'm just pissed that with this mlvl flow we can advect in steeper lapse rates. Height falls are quite impressive though with more than sufficient shear. 

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33 minutes ago, Cyclone-68 said:

I take it the threat doesn’t appear as ominous as 24 hours ago due to no new posts? 

Sounding imby still looks good. We’re still looking at a fairly long lead time though. Would love to get a severe day on a weekend so I can chase :weenie: 

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