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The "Double Trouble" Banter Thread


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Just now, Prospero said:

I was cracking up when you were quoting bacon the other night

I should mention the oldest hurricane I am aware of is the one that tossed the Virginia Company's "Sea Adventurer" into Bermuda in 1609. Thus the Shake-Speare play "The Tempest" was based on that story, and of course Prospero who created that hurricane in the play was based on Dr. John Dee who it was rumored brewed up a storm that helped England beat Spain in a sea battle.

Just sayin'...


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Whenever I stop prepping for a hurricane... God makes the hurricane come straight toward me. So I guess I'ma keep putting away the loose stuff on my front porch.... But I really want to stop and just drink vodka. Because this time I don't think there's going to be any way this thing will come my way. 

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On 8/23/2020 at 2:05 PM, Hoosier said:

Anyone else getting concerned about people being underprepared for Laura?  Significant model differences on track and intensity, but it is just 3 days away from making landfall somewhere.  Combine that with life and news distractions such as covid and the RNC, and it could be setting up to be bad.  This would be particularly problematic if it targets a very populated area like Houston/Galveston.


I'm still concerned.  

Could turn into a panic shitshow in and around Houston especially if intensity gets to where it could.

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Well, we're a far cry from the double whammy simultaneous scenario forecasted early Friday morning.  Granted, a fatally injured Marco is dragging himself to his original forecasted LF point like a tearjerker ending in a Hollywood survival movie.  Another reason to be patient with these things 5 days out and we're still not done.  Think there's still time for 1 or 2 more surprises from Laura.  As I thought these storms have not disappointed from a tracking standpoint. 

 Go Marco go, you can do it! :popcorn:


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