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April Banter 2020

George BM

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On 4/20/2020 at 7:51 AM, showmethesnow said:


Not sure if anyone jumped back into the Stock Market at this time but if you are, now may be a good time to bail for awhile. Pretty much in uncharted waters with this virus so this can't be said with certainty but we will see Company earnings coming out this week and they look to be worse then was projected, potentially much worse. Typical reaction would normally be to see a fairly significant drop across the board in the Market. But again, virus, uncharted waters, etc...

eta: There are other considerations as well. Plunging oil prices, nations now starting to open back up, etc... But I think the Company earnings will be the driving force for this week and we could see a significant drop.

I was supposed to be on hiatus, but came back to check messages and saw this. I'm still sticking to my buy-and-hold dollar cost averaging strategy and doing well so far. :-)

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11 hours ago, Scraff said:

Damn. I need to check in with my weather / beer drinking peeps in here more often.  My fault! I’ve been doing my part to stay with the times though. :drunk:


Is that top shelf really your frig?  It better resembles the Craft Beer section at Wegman's.  Impressive.  See what appears to be some more tucked away in the upper left hand corner.  Is that perhaps your special stash?  

When I lived overseas long ago, we had a refrigerator in our supply room to, ahem...  "store batteries".  (there were a few batteries in it, honest)  On the side of the frig was a "suggestion  box" that had a lid on it with a slot to "put your suggestion".  The slot was actually where you put your mitts to lift the lid to get access to the lever for the tap.  The bottom of the box was open to allow the good times to flow.  The full keg was kept in the fresh food section along with the bottle of CO-2 and regulator.

It took some dexterity to lift the lid and pull the lever with one hand while strategically placing your iced mug under the box so as to not spill any.  We kept the one liter mugs in the freezer section "with the batteries" (to order a one liter Pils in German is ein mas).  The ability to fill one's mug with flawless form and flow was a right to passage on being accepted as part of the crew.  Heaven help you if you spilled any in the process (sacrilegious!) for the condemnation was immediate and with full contempt!  

Over time the "suggestion box" became famous for a multitude of people who lived a worked there plus those who periodically visited. For those who submitted too many suggestions after a hard day, it became infamous.  When we moved the facility from one location to another the new facility kept pestering us to send them the frig and suggestion box.  We held out and made sure the frig was THE last thing to go and that it's departure was with full honors for all those who served before us.  We ensured the keg was emptied with distinction and full pomp and circumstance before it departed (hiccup/burp).  Did you ever think about adding a suggestion box to the side of your frig?


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