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Baroclinic Zone

Feb 5 - Rainer w/ some snow in NNE

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33.3/27F  light to moderate snow has begun.

Temperatures started the day in the low 20's up here in C NH at 1100 feet.  After a partly sunny sunrise clouds quickly filled in and by 830am light snow developed.  Very light snow for a couple hours.  Around 1/4".  Temps held fairly steady and then the snow shut off late morning.  Bit of sun and temps rapidly rose to around 34F by mid afternoon.  Clouds lowered and thickened.  Past hour has been some very light snow but has just become much heavier with better snow growth.  Starting to accumulate on surfaces that are quite cold.

Lets see how this goes.  I'm right on the gradient line between nothing at all or many inches  glop....

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1 hour ago, Euler said:

3 inches down and snowing pretty hard at Magic Mountain in Londonderry, VT

My buddy’s driving home from our house in Winhall report heavy snow and bad roads above 1500’. I’m really hoping this is the southern Vermont mountain special I have been waiting for 

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1 hour ago, backedgeapproaching said:

Even here in the valley probably closing in on 5"20180204_175440.thumb.jpg.ce0d612bc6a3864323eba0fe90692bcc.jpg



Nice dude!  You are in a sweet spot on the western slope at 1kft... this is a pretty solid blocked SW flow event.  Southern Adirondacks over to southwestern Greens with the best mix of sub-freezing air and sustained strong lift from orographics.  Also the area with the standing wave pattern in Northern Vermont off the Adirondacks and Spine, they've picked up at least 4-5" so far.


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