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  1. Landed at Logan just now. Had a 2 hour delay plus circling for an extra hour. Could have been a lot worse. Now to get home.
  2. Williams College, NW corner of Berkshire County.
  3. Intro meteo class was doing a lab today taking wind measurements on handheld anemometers at 2m. Highest measured was 42mph. Lots of trees down on the north side of campus (RIP to the metal trash can in this image).
  4. Like 6” out here. Just flipped back to snow after sleet since early morning.
  5. About 1.5” on the ground in this valley. 33° at the moment.
  6. Big flakes out here right now. Should be over in 20 minutes.
  7. About 4” 5 miles west of North Adams.
  8. Sandy times out here. 1.5” maybe? Hoping to mooch off upslope goodness in the coming two days.
  9. Congrats to North Adams. This was my first time being near a band like that. Cool to see an 8” difference at roughly the same elevation ~10 Miles away. Think we got an inch or two more than Pi Day, making this the most I’ve seen.
  10. Wow, 5 more inches between 1:00 and 8:00. Up to 16” total. That spot in S VT might have broken 3’.
  11. Looks like 10” here. Someone in North Adams (more centered under the band) reported 18”. Berkshire East looks to be getting destroyed, hopefully will go there Friday.
  12. I was the guy complaining about classes still being in session instead of talking about the snow. Think I lost some weenie points.
  13. 5.5” here so far, just NW of that band in the Berkshires. ABC10 crew from Albany was interviewing kids on Main Street.
  14. ALY steadily taking them up. These include some upslope after the main body.