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  1. Up to an inch here since it started an hour ago.
  2. The Pope's 'And There You Have It" SWFE Feb 7 2018

    Back to big flakes after an hour or so of sleet preceded by freezing rain, been sitting at 32 for most of the day.
  3. Bonafide SWFE 2/7-8

    About half an inch here, did a great job of concealing the icy patches on the walk to class.
  4. Bonafide SWFE 2/7-8

    Coming down pretty hard right now, hadn’t actually looked out my window yet haha.
  5. Feb 5 - Rainer w/ some snow in NNE

    34°, Getting close to rain here, hills should be doing well around me right about now.
  6. Looks to be about an inch so far, 32/26. Flakes / accumulation started out pretty anemic but are coming down pretty well now. Temps have held stubbornly around 32 since precip began, hoping to hold off the rain for as long as possible.
  7. Bonafide SWFE 2/7-8

    Heh, it’s not always more (it’s noticeably less in boundary areas often).
  8. February is upon us - pattern change is in order

    18z GFS looks like it will be better for SNE, further south over the Plains with slightly lower heights out east.
  9. Feb 1-2 Anafront wave disco

    Light rain / snow mix out here, 37°
  10. Feb 1-2 Anafront wave disco

    Tiny flakes coming down at a decent rate as of 30 minutes ago.
  11. Feb 1-2 Anafront wave disco

    Unfortunately no, I have to get the GFS overnight shipped to me to try and keep up. Only been here two years (college) but we do alright in this valley.
  12. Feb 1-2 Anafront wave disco

    Williamstown, far NW corner of Berkshire County.
  13. Feb 1-2 Anafront wave disco

    Being practically in S VT, NAM gives me 7”.
  14. Nearing the 2nd half of Meteorological winter:

    That looks 12 hours slower than the rest of the guidance, or maybe my view is skewed by the placement of the L.
  15. Obs Thread 1/15-17

    Think they managed to snag a few flakes for the second time this season down there. Coldest temp since 1996 for the city.