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Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc


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4 minutes ago, wolfpackwxDC said:

I may just be delirious at this point - or wishcasting - or something...but does it not seem like the storm starts building back to the W/NW toward the end of this loop!?!



It's definitely punching the dry air in the face right now. Good times. Usually works the other way. 

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7 minutes ago, snjókoma said:

Check out composite reflectivity: https://radar.weather.gov/ridge/radar.php?rid=LWX&product=NCR&overlay=11101111&loop=yes

Someone was talking about heavy virga. Seems like the virga has gotten less heavy which is why the ground precipitation is having a hard time advancing NW as the column fails to moisten up.

It's like this every single time when the column needs to saturate. Proximity to the beam gives false impessions. Just watch the hole close up and then look out the window. Prob within the hour. 

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2 minutes ago, nj2va said:

Ha, great timing on our posts.  

DP up another degree here...I’m on the border of Arlington/Alexandria in Fairlington.  Hopefully get my first flakes soon.

And I'm probably a mile and a half due north of you in Ballston, across from DARPA... although I may get *slightly* sooner since I'm on the 20th floor.

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31 minutes ago, Thanatos_I_Am said:

I genuinely feel bad for the brethren out west. I feel like I am getting screwed here in Rockville, but you guys might not even see a flake. Godbless yah out there. You'll score while we rain, eventually. 

it's just snow. good grief. 

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