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  1. If I'm reading 18z GFS ZR maps on pivotal right, that's close to half an inch of freezing rain in a band from Cecil County through Harford and Baltimore, down into Howard and Montgomery Counties (also further inland in Carroll/Frederick). I know consensus is still missing so we're still low confidence, but the GFS really does not want to budge. I'm sure there are some considerations around using the "ice clown maps" to gauge real world impact as with snow (and I'd love to hear more about them from red taggers or others knowledgeable), but yikes, no thanks.
  2. Cold hanging on here in Bel Air, 25/22. Moderate snow.
  3. More dry slot probably means less rain. EDIT: NorthArlington101 beat me to it.
  4. Slow cooker chicken mole underway at 25/17 here in Bel Air, hopefully the snow will be soon as well.
  5. Bob's on the money, no surprise. I'll be checking in every day or two and not sweating it. The overall pattern is better than we've seen in a long while and I'm happy to be patient and wait for the stars (or jet ) to align in our favor. I honestly expected nothing more than a couple of small events this year given the La Nina, so I'm happy with whatever comes and pleasantly surprised we got some decent snow already.
  6. Moderate to heavy snow now in Bel Air, cars already covered, sidewalks caving. 31 degrees.
  7. It's about what I have in Bel Air South presently FWIW.
  8. @litigator01 totally admire the spunk, but know that we're deeply superstitious about these things. Particularly in this winter of marginal airmasses and fickle suppression trends where 50 miles and a handful of hours makes all the difference.
  9. A nine post user started the thread....may the weenie gods have mercy on us all.
  10. Liking the trends today, but wary of the gradual reversal that set in as we approached showtime over the last couple of storms.
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