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Mid-Atlantic winter 2016-17 snowfall contest

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Time for my 2nd annual Mid-Atlantic snowfall contest! I'd like to get even more people this year playing, so lurkers, new members and even people outside the region are encouraged to play!

You are forecasting the total snowfall for the entire season (not just Dec/Jan/Feb) for the four major airports: BWI, DCA, IAD and RIC. Snowfall totals should be rounded to the nearest tenth of an inch. The tiebreaker will be the temperature departure from average (to the nearest tenth of a degree) in January at BWI.

Please use the following format when posting your forecast:



The winner will be the person who has the lowest combined absolute value departure for all four airports (i.e. the departures will be calculated for each individual airport, the absolute value of each one of those will be taken, then all four totals will be added).

The last day for entries is Thurs., Dec. 1. Anything up until 11:59pm that day will be accepted. No extensions will be given, so please have your totals in by then! You are welcome to edit your forecasts as many times as you want until then, but please let me know if you do so I don't miss it!

If there is any accumulating snow before the Dec. 1 deadline, please include that in your seasonal forecast as well. If early snow does fall after you post your forecast, you can make an edit (if you want) as long as its on or before Dec. 1.

If I'm confused about something you entered I'll ask for clarification- if there's no response by Dec. 1, I'll take my best guess as to what you were forecasting and use that.

The winner will be announced sometime in mid/late April. I'll be providing periodic updates as to who is leading throughout the winter when I have time.

If you have any questions, feel free to post here or PM me.

Good luck everyone!

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IAD: 27.4"

RIC: 15.6"

Tiebreaker:  - 2.3°F


Kevin Shaw, Gaithersburg MD - I thought I would show  (below) the normal annual snowfall amounts for the four airports, based on long-term normals posted in the annual LCD summaries for each of the airports: These are not my predictions. My predictions are shown above.

IAD: 22.0"



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52 minutes ago, Roger Smith said:

Big, big winter coming. Huge. Very large. Enormous. Stupendous. Awe-inspiring. 

But enough about the Lake Huron snowbelt, for this contest ...

BWI: 45.0

DCA: 30.5

IAD: 50.8

RIC: 23.5

Jan BWI anom: --3.5

Did someone just drop a mic???

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First guess, just to see how much can change in three weeks when I make my final (less wild-arse) guess. I've said before that I think we could go big, and I'm not willing to stick my neck out there until the end of November.

BWI: 13.7
DCA: 9.1
IAD: 16.4
RIC: 6.2

Tiebreaker: -0.5

I fully admit that I have absolutely no clue about any of this.

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