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  1. cheers! summer is almost here

  2. The -nao block that is currently advertised, if only we had it 3 months ago.
  3. I completely forget how it was for the Mid-Atlantic but up my way Irene was a pretty good event. During Irene I was up in New York City at the time awaiting to get on my cruise which was delayed by a day. It was freaky driving down broadway the day after with literally no cars on the road.
  4. Do people not remember Sandy. I think everyone would agree that was a major storm but not in the technical sense(wasn't cat 3 or above when it got up this way).
  5. Found this interesting. Only a 10.66 rating. Thought it be a bit higher.
  6. Last thing IAD actually did meet criteria on March 14th. They got 5.6 inches on 3/14. Within the criteria of 5 inches within a 12 hour period but after recalculating scores, @UIWWildthing still won.
  7. To be clear, DCA, BWI and IAD never met winter storm warning criteria.
  8. So who won? It looks like the Winner is .... @UIWWildthing Congrats. Thanks to those who participated.
  9. can't edit I meant was shoveled and did it yesterday.
  10. btw, thank god i shovled today. What is on the ground is a glacier. It literally turned into a solid 6-8 inch ice pack. Impossible to dig through and you can't stomp on it to go through it. Hard as a rock the snow pack is today. I wonder if it will last longer 7 inches of solid ice vs if it was just fluffy snow.
  11. Got an additional inch today which brings my storm total up to 8.25"
  12. Snow total of 2.25" along with 5 inches of sleet brings my total to 7.25 " of snow/sleet. Good storm! I have a feeling it will last a while since sleet is more compact. Probably last a long time.
  13. Im rooting for you guys. DCA: 5.6 IAD: 8.0 BWI. 12 Tiebreaker: 1.8
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