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  1. 6z NAM map. Flips to sleet by 18z Wed at DC.
  2. IAD now has more snow at this point in the season than 02-03 and 13-14 Hope February will be rocking!
  3. Looking good (credit to Ian for the image)
  4. If only we didn't get the November snow, we could have a shot at the least snowiest winter. Sad!
  5. So just like Dec 2011? We all know what happened after that
  6. 2010-2011 through 2012-2013 is likely the worst, though this stretch is a close second.
  7. I think RIC got over 10" in Jan 2016
  8. 00z HRRR has the edge of the storm up to EZF
  9. Well, this storm sure has been interesting to track. Still think it's not enough for DC, but we'll see...
  10. UKIE also shifted north. Edge of precip is EZF, 0.2" line through CHO, 0.4" RIC
  11. Once again RGEM is an outlier with precip reaching up to DC