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  1. Really underwhelming here. Congrats to those who are actually getting some snow.
  2. IAD's lowest snowfall across 2 consecutive winters is 14.5" from 07-08 and 08-09. A new futility record is still on the table. 19-20: 2.9 20-21: 10.6 (so far)
  3. FZ with some sleet falling. Got a nice layer of sleet/ice on the deck.
  4. Mulch starting to whiten. Given I'm predicted to be in the deadzone between the two waves, I'll take anything I can get.
  5. This is some very wet snow. Reminds me of the March events in the past decade. Winding down now.
  6. Some good flakes now. Best rates of the storm.
  7. Not much going on here. See what happens later but likely a bust at my location.
  8. Light snow now, looks like I beat the December storm total at least.
  9. Flurries. Closest thing to a white Christmas, I guess.
  10. Been hearing sleet pinging for the past hour or so.
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