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  1. Now we're talking! Heavy snow out there.
  2. Around 1 inch, rates have gotten lighter in the past 10 minutes.
  3. Best rates of the day so far
  4. Snow is starting to increase in intensity here.
  5. Light snow... would like that band to move east
  6. Dropped to 33F since the snow started. Starting to get a light dusting on the deck.
  7. Canadian ticked west from its previous run:
  8. GFS now vs 24 hours ago:
  9. Well...
  10. Better hope this doesn't show up again
  11. BWI: 9.6 DCA: 7.2 IAD: 11.5 RIC: 4.1 Tiebreaker (SBY): 2.8
  12. DCA and IAD have not received any measurable snow for 3 Decembers in a row. I believe this a record for both airports.