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  1. Rotation looks pretty broad ATM thankfully
  2. The TDS south of Tuscaloosa is getting ridiculous, something bad is happening unfortunately.
  3. Rather ominous TDS on the tornado approaching Tuscaloosa.
  4. So many areas of rotation training over the same general area from eastern MS to western AL.
  5. Rotation over Needham looks intense
  6. While it's likely a bit elevated at the moment, this is still a really pretty cell.
  7. It's probably a bit early for definitive statements one way or the other. The severe parameters are fairly stout and storm mode (as well as other mesoscale features) likely won't be resolved till tomorrow.
  8. Hi resolution NAM has ground scraping LCLs for parts of Mississippi and Alabama tomorrow evening, should make for some impressive tornadoes if the other ingredients come together.
  9. Snowing pretty good in Altoona PA now, snow doesn't need much of a northern trajectory to give most of us a light snowfall event.
  10. I officially hit warning criteria snow here in SI with 6 inches, still snowing pretty good but it will end very soon based on radar.
  11. Closing in on 6 inches here, which is way more than my old neighborhood in Brooklyn has.
  12. Moderate/Heavy snow and 33.4 degrees, a beautiful coating on everything (even main roads)
  13. Surprisingly enough, sticking to streets as well now.
  14. Temps aloft are pretty cold and winds are all northerly, once solid precipitation engulfs the entire area temperatures will be somewhat more uniform. Steady snow here and 34 degrees.
  15. That'll likely change if more models come in NW. In fact, I think it's quite likely that Rockland County sees warning level snow.
  16. Closing in on 16 inches here, I have a few miles and a few hundred feet elevation on Uncle so I did a bit better than southern parts of SI.
  17. Great front end thump for everyone but with the storm so close to the coast on models now, these dry slots almost always penetrate deeper inland than modelled. 8-12 is a very realistic call.
  18. 8.3 inches here, excellent event though the sleet will make it impossible to shovel.
  19. Just passed 2 inches here with heavy snow continuing to fall with some rather strong gusts occasionally.
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