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  1. Not to derail the discussion, but it's not a new issue with them. Anyways, looks like it was a brief, but intense, spin up.
  2. The debris signature looked very significant on that storm, I wonder is some of it was radar noise due to the proximity to the radar site. If not, it make have produced a fairly substantial tornado. Edit; there's now confirmed damage coming out of that area
  3. The tornado warned storm south of Birmingham has a TDS for quite a few scans already and strong embedded rotation. Wild weather day there.
  4. The debris signature is approaching 2 miles in size, hopefully it's only lofting trees.
  5. Significant CC drop for the cell north of Abbeville.
  6. Very large debris signature now, it's definitely tearing something up.
  7. Rotation is still very evident but not as strong asbit was just west of them, hopefully they dodged a bullet but it's hard to tell.
  8. Looks really bad on the last velocity scans, hopefully it lifts.
  9. TDS is back on that storm as it approaches Tupelo. It might pass to their west but looking at Google Maps I'm not sure that's much better. Edit; ninja'd by janetjanet998
  10. Huge CC drop with this one, though at least it isn't in a populated area.
  11. Very strong rotation and a TDS near New Houlka.
  12. The TDS is unmistakable but it seems like it occluded almost immediately afterwards.
  13. Confirmed tornado now directly over Calhoun City.
  14. Weak TDS for the storm straddling Route 8 SW of Calhoun City.
  15. The storm NE of Durant looks like it's producing something significant. Luckily it's in a pretty rural areas.
  16. Some of the most incredible tornado footage you'll ever see.
  17. Storm near Sanibal TX looks interesting, could get a TW soon.
  18. Perhaps too close. Either way, it's an impressive cell with a nice hail core.
  19. Is this what I think it is? It's not in the best radar spot so I'm not sure. Velocity scans are inconclusive as well.
  20. Beautiful supercell near Lawn TX, already has a pretty tight couplet and hook on radar as well.
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