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The Psuhoffman Storm


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Technically a jebwalk is a walk done in the snow while blasting your favorite music of choice on your iPhone headphones, usually for hours on end. It is best done in a blizzard environment, with freezing temps, high winds and blinding snow rates.

I have my ELO all ready to go on the iPhone. Don't think I can do the later stuff in honor of Jan '87 tho. Maybe old school "A New World Order" will do.

Sorry for the OT, admins. "Jebwalk" has become a hallowed lexicon in the das household.

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they have always been a lil' slow with their forecasting and lets be honest, its the station that allows Bass to do morning forecasts.

to be quite honest, the Baltimore metro area really lacks a truly great forecaster. Arguements can be made for Burk or Tom T., but thats about it.

lol at wjz. Coating-3" for dc/balt??

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Okay, the RGEM is getting ri-goddamn-diculous now.

For those of you who are counting, the 38 mm max at, oh, Rising Sun MD or so, is almost exactly 1.5 inches of QPF, aka 18 [edit because I never learned how to count, apparently] 15 inches of snow if all frozen at 10:1 ratios (or of course 9 feet at bufkit ratios).

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