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  1. Mostly rain, but some fat flakes mixed in here in Towson.
  2. Same here. Do we think the heavier returns just to the west will flip it back or is it over?
  3. All snow here at about 460 ft elevation a mile north of the city line just south of Towson University.
  4. Interesting. Although it's just the latest run, in my opinion the ECMWF maps are already more accessible and easy to use on Weather.us than they have been previously on any free site.
  5. Possibly leveraging his new status with CATO, Maue has an op-ed for the WSJ dated yesterday afternoon (not sure if it made it into the print edition today): https://www.wsj.com/articles/climate-change-hype-doesnt-help-1505672774 Climate Change Hype Doesn’t Help The bigger issue than global warming is that more people are choosing to live in coastal areas. . . . Although a clear scientific consensus has emerged over the past decade that climate change influences hurricanes in the long run, its effect upon any individual storm is unclear. Anyone trying to score political points after a natural disaster should take a deep breath and review the science first.
  6. Snow mixing in again in Towson after sleeting since about 130 a.m.
  7. This counts as an observation, right? "Massive snow pile still melting away in South Baltimore" http://www.baltimore...0601-story.html
  8. Just about to post this. Charlotte is also 3" but in the 1" contour.
  9. About 0.3 on grassy surfaces and the deck in Towson with very light steady snow. 8 inches? Doubt it.
  10. Posting my question on the below here instead of in the obs thread... Wondering when the earliest post about this storm took place. There was a d10 threat being thrown around a lot around Jan. 12... was there anything earlier?
  11. HRRR gives me, the I-95 corridor between Harford County and DC, all of AA and Charles Co. MD and most of Fairfax and Prince William Co. VA an ADDITIONAL 3+" from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m., with a smidgen more after that and with a few locations getting 4+". Ridiculous.
  12. About right for me. Ripping the last couple of hours. Four inches where I shoveled about 830.
  13. Dunno... looks like it's starting to fight back on radar. Might just barely miss us or be very short lived here.
  14. Looks a lot like what was progged on a few of the models.
  15. We're barely even getting started: http://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-79.82,33.64,3000/loc=-78.084,31.010
  16. Pixie dust started 2:40ish here a bit northeast of you.
  17. Took a peek in the TN forum; two separate reports of TSSN in and around Nashville.
  18. There's an NWS disco copypasta in the SE board from NC that says the local office is cutting expected totals by 20% due to radar and speed of the storm.
  19. Official guidelines: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/coop/reference/Snow_Measurement_Guidelines.pdf Here's what to do with wind: In open areas where windblown snow cannot be avoided, take a number of measurements in different locations to report a representative measurement (typically 3 or more measurements). The multiple measurements should be averaged together to obtain an accurate measure of the snow that fell. The measurements should not include the largest drifts or areas that have had snowfall drastically reduced by the wind.
  20. For those that can't wait for the standalone thread: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/coop/reference/Snow_Measurement_Guidelines.pdf http://www.jhuapl.edu/weather/education/MeasuringSnow.pdf (CoCoRaHs guide)
  21. They must have just been interpreting the nationwide clown maps immediately before their posts; obv. different in the closer-in views. We'll see what bufkit spits out.
  22. Seems like I keep flipping back and forth. You seeing the same?
  23. I'm in Federal Hill and there's definitely some snow mixed in here.
  24. Haha. I do think there were a few fakers last night though. A poster or posters who will go unnamed here who live within 5 miles of me mentioned a few incidences that I certainly didn't see or hear.
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