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  1. I honestly think it's exhaustion over "decent" modeled periods that amount to zero and how Ocean City and NC will have more snow than BWI this year. Meh.
  2. I'm not going to hold my breath on that as the MJO forecasts have been abysmal this year.
  3. I believe that given this pattern that we're locked into, saying winter cancel is simply the wrong thing to do. Why? It never really started. Simply put, this winter with its +NAO and raging Pacific jet is a total disaster.
  4. Yeah, I'm not sure how that helps us. Instead of a Lake Michigan runner, it's a Lake Erie runner.
  5. 15 of the 20 members whiff the Mid-Atlantic. I don't think it's that intriguing, more like Charlie Brown getting ready to kick and Lucy holding the football.
  6. Looks like surface temp problems, as outlined by @LP08. 850's are a NW wind with temps well below freezing. And yeah, we're analyzing temperatures 6 days out. So what?
  7. Agree. While tracking and learning is fun, it's beyond frustrating to analyze garbage that has no chance of verifying at all. It's been some winter.
  8. Both the 12Z CMC and 12Z GFS have a taste of SOMETHING on the 9th. Looks like I95 is the dividing line for rain/snow but little reason to analyze that this far out. I guess it's something or maybe, I'm just a glutton for punishment.
  9. Exactly. While slightly IMBY, I’m not seeing much to get excited about. Where’s the high pressure?
  10. The LOW sitting over the Great Lakes on the CMC is all we need to know about next week right now. Truly turrible. To be fair, the GFS has a low about 250 miles off the coast of Maryland whereas the GEM has it sitting over Kentucky, same time frame. Guess it ain't over but it ain't good.
  11. That's a true story. I'm just model watching and hoping something actually works out.
  12. That was never a focus point. It's necessary to have that Lakes cutter to setup a 50/50 for the weekend event. (In theory) Fingers crossed it's still there. TT is only out to 204.
  13. Believe me, totally agree. It's frustrating as hell right now.
  14. So true. It's been mocking our half-hearted optimism since this winter began. It's long range from last night DID show at least signs that it MIGHT believe in next weekend's possibility.