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April 2024 Disco- SNE’s favorite month


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5 hours ago, dendrite said:

Yeah, but I think those are made with remote sensing using water content to estimate the pack. So if it’s expecting 8:1 in an area on d1 and in d2 it’s a sobbing 3:1 it may think there’s more snow than there actually is. 

Cocorahs is people actually measuring 

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Average temperature during Red Sox home openers is 56 degrees.


• Coldest home opener was on April 2, 1971, when the temperature reached just 41 degrees.


• Warmest home opener was April 15, 1941 — reaching 78 degrees.


• Rainiest home opener was April 1, 2002 — totaling 0.93 inches.


• Snowiest was April 9, 1996 — totaling 1 inch.

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9 minutes ago, HIPPYVALLEY said:

Today will probably be the warmest day in the next 10.

Take your '70s and run. Actually doesn't look too bad next week. They've backed off the heavy rain amounts here. Connecticut can keep it.


Luckily, given the progressive nature

of the front, ensemble probabilities greater than 2" of rain remain

below 10%, with ensemble probabilities of >1" of rain in the

ballpark of 40-50%, highest across Connecticut

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1 hour ago, Lava Rock said:

Birds are very vocal this morning.

The silence at 98% eclipse in the woods was spectacular.  Owls hooted then stopped, the wind completely died, then temp dropped 8 degrees.  It was as the world had stopped. That was so incredible


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