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2024 Valentines Day Who the Hell Knows - Comeback Thread


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I saw this Friday night and posted early Saturday that further south and colder would be the rule.  This is going to be a great tracking and obs set up and we watch for colder to mix in with wet .  No need to bum out on how terrible models were until the last minute .  We are going to have great obs fun albeit wee hours. I think distinction between Frederick to Gaithersburg to Silver Spring will end up irrrlevant.  Wise man prevailing. 

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I don’t think this is right, but…

The accumulation map makes sense if the storm evolution plays out like the op euro is depicting. If you have rates, it will accumulate into the metro’s. If it’s drier and precip is
Lighter like the op euro shows, it will only accumulate in favored areas.

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5 minutes ago, NorthArlington101 said:

Surface is shot but this could be snow at DCA by HR17, no? maybe barely sleet? HRRR is showing "sleet" til hr19

That's rain. For elevations near sea level, with surface temps above freezing need at least 925mb temps at -2C for SnowTV.

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