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Central PA Winter 23/24


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At 8:00 here in Carlisle, the temperature is 32.5 degrees.  It continues to snow heavily.  During the past hour I picked up an additional 0.8" of new snow for a storm total of 5.6".  Lots of trees have many branches weighed down considerably.  When the wind arrives it should blow at least half off with the rest melting during the day.  Great storm...but SHORT again!

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6 minutes ago, Bubbler86 said:

Just about done here.  About 3.3" right now so probably going to top at 3.4 or 3.5.      Rates reduced to very light snow. 

I'm just under 3.5. 

Flake Size increase over the last 5 minutes. Hoping to make it to 4" . Looks like maybe another hour to accumulate?

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1 hour ago, GrandmasterB said:

Maybe heaviest rates of the storm right now. Down to nearly 1/4 visibility. Nukeage.

Just got into work after an 80 min drive (normally 35).  Pretty much puking snow the hole way from the house.

Observations from newport rd to etown rd to office in etown.. 

Litltz - was around 3-4" when I stopped for office fasnachts at weisers (best donuts in the world)

Manheim - at least 5-6" and was one big traffic jam

etown - about 5" at 8:10 am

if we can hang onto a couple more hours, high ends likely in play.  If not, its still a fantastic pounding all the same.

I will also add that for those that stayed home....you were smart.  Been a long time since i've driven in such greasy conditions, and I LOVE driving in it.  Lets just say my arse was puckered tight a handful of times.

Enjoy everyone who got into it.



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