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  1. Yes, this is certainly more elevation based. Once you go 10 miles to my north and drop off the plateau, there is only a few inches of snow pack and grass already showing. That’s at 1,400 to 1,500’ feet. I also took a drive out near Scranton/Wilkes barre in the valley city area yesterday, and they literally have no snow pack in most areas under 1,000’ feet, just bare ground.
  2. I can vouch for the Poconos still having a very deep snow pack, especially at and above 2k. I just measured 2 spots in my front yard, and 2 spots in the backyard. Pretty uniform amounts between 18 to 19” inches on the ground. This stuff is like a glacier too. I’m liking the slow melt.
  3. I’m at work, checked my cam and it’s snowing like hell back home. I’d say a good half inch to inch so far. Bing NWS issued a special weather statement, for 1 to 3 inches through early afternoon. What a month this Feb has been, just unreal. Today should put me over 90.0” inches for the season. I’m honestly ready for spring at this point lol.
  4. Temp is 25 degrees with light to moderate snow out here in the Poconos. The rates haven’t been all that impressive. Going to say roughly 2.0” have yet to measure. It’s drifting pretty bad, with wind gust cranking 25 to 30mph on the plateau. Looks like the back edge will be through here in about 2 to 3 hours, nice small event!
  5. Getting a gentle snowfall from les squalls here in the Poconos this morning. This stuff isn’t even showing up on radar. A nice 1 to 2” inch surprise of pure fluff this am.
  6. Going to go with 3.5” snow total since Thur am and snowing lightly here. Quite unimpressive, but enough to spruce up the snow pack!!
  7. Storm total snowfall for my location in the Poconos for today was 4.0”. Today’s event, brings a season total to 78.0” imby. The craziest part about all of this is, 40.0” inches of that has come from the past 7 to 10 days! It’s amazing how one storm/pattern can change everything. Average snow here in the Poconos ranges from under 50.0” below 1k, to around 50.0” to 60.0” for elevations 1,000 to 1,500 feet. At and above 2k averages 60.0” to 70.0” depending on location. This is the first above average snowfall in years! Last year I believe I received 25.0” lol! It’s all bonus snow from here on out. Photo is Binghamton NWS CWA snowfall amounts for today’s event. A general 4 to 6 inches fell, models nailed this event for Nepa.
  8. 3” inches on the nose here in the northern Poconos, and falling at various rates from time to time. Looks like the back edge is approaching out here, another hour or two left probably. Maybe finish with a nice 4” event here.
  9. Where were you? Yeah, and if you were above 2 thousand feet, you would notice it even more lol. I just got home from work and they are still clearing some roads in my development. Ridiculous.
  10. Good afternoon! No, this photo is located in Pocono Springs, off of 196 on the northern end of the Pocono plateau. I’m roughly 20 min south of the hideout area. Yes, I use to live in the Dingmans Ferry/Milford area. I moved out here further west, about 3 to 4 years ago for an employment opportunity. Let me tell you though ; what a difference in snowfall vs. down in Milford/Dingmans. Especially out here above 2k on the plateau. You seem to know a lot about the Pike and Wayne county area? I don’t recall, did you live or have a residence out this way?
  11. Looks like anyone south and to the southwest of 380, got substantially less, yes. Still, amounts ranging from 18” to 24” inches it looks! However, this map was posted and valid at 7 am Tuesday, so I’m sure there was additional amounts to tack on as well. May be a bit tough getting into that driveway lol.
  12. Now that the storm is over, this is the Binghamton NWS Cwa storm total map. I’m the 35” inch total in Southern Wayne county, Pa on the Pocono plateau. Include the two inches from this morning, we received 37 inches of snow since Sunday! Unbelievable storm, and I’ll always remember this one for my area.
  13. Tack on another 2.0” to whiten the pack here in the Poconos this am. The wind is finally howling a bit with gust to 30 to 35mph here on the plateau, but calm in the valley. This storm was truly unreal lol, sun is breaking through the clouds out here atm.
  14. Rubber tire loader cleaning the roads now.
  15. Front entrance of the development I live in.
  16. Yup, widespread 30” to 36” inches here in the northern Poconos. I’m probably around 34 to 36” now for a storm total, hard to measure with all the settling and compacting. And we’ve had additional 3 to 6” inches all morning and continues to snow!!
  17. Snow continues to be moderate to heavy here in the Poconos and won’t let up.
  18. I’m just under 2,100’ feet on the Pocono plateau and even I didn’t get much wind or drifting!
  19. Epic storm here in the Poconos and it continues to snow. Got crushed over night with banding once again. Measured anywhere between 30 and 32 inches on the ground storm total. That’s after compacting and settling! Cheers to making a run at 3 feet!
  20. Amazing storm guys. We have received 20.0” inches out here in the Poconos so far from this storm, and it’s absolutely ripping at 22 degrees. Wow at those 30 inch numbers in Nw Nj!
  21. Solid event here in the Poconos. Ended up with roughly 6.0” here above 2k. Reports of 7 to 8” amounts along the northern tier of Pa, and still snowing heavily up that way.
  22. Where in the Poconos are you? I’m in Southern Wayne county, the far northern portion of the Pocono Plateau. Located in Pocono springs, in Newfoundland. I’m at just under 2,100 feet, roughly 2,080’. 3 to 6 sounds very reasonable for us at and above 2k.
  23. Yeah, out here in the Poconos where route 84 begins, just east of Scranton; is several spots at or exceeding 1800’ feet along route 84.
  24. Quite snowy back in the Poconos, still coming down at 1 pm! Will probably compact a bit once I get home this evening, but will get a measurement. Temp is around 26 to 27 degrees above 2k where I live according to local stations.
  25. This is a pretty decent clipper for south central Ny and Nepa. I’m at work in far northern Pa, just south of Binghamton. A solid 2 inches have fallen so far and it’s snowing moderately still. I checked my webcam back home in the Poconos, and it looks like about an inch and snowing quiet well. Nice little surprise for today. Temps are in the mid to upper 20s here still.