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2023-2024 Fall/Winter Mountain Thread

The Alchemist

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Thomas Mabry. He's a fellow photographer, you may have heard of him.

Still sitting at -3° but I had to go for a walk. It looks like a moonscape outside with the moonlight...if you have snow on the ground, do yourself a favor and go out and look!e153282ac5ab38c88203525ef7017a45.jpg6cafa03603c5ef1285f6809e0bd2c5af.jpg

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35 minutes ago, ncjoaquin said:

Just made it to 10 here. But, I ran 6 miles at 10 degrees, so there is that. I'm not StrongWXnc, but not bad for 5 months short of 60. Looks like a warm week, with a "shot" of something wintry a week from Monday. 

Killing it sir! Love cold weather running!

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-5° when Thomas and I set out this morning at 545. The snow was at least 2' deep the entire way up the AT with 5' drifts at the base of Big Bald. It was epic!

The first pic is about 50 minutes before sunrise. That aplenglow is something to see!

[mention=7382]Met1985[/mention] the last two are of Birch Springs, in case you were wondering how much it snows there.492e0411c170f57327284e416445d1a8.jpgbb1185f135d90fd90b0b110a29737a9b.jpgec88efa1c915c47f61ff9a83a857e7cc.jpg6c939e27f62ab088186f11b89efcabe1.jpg36221960f937a7318bee16df36d8487f.jpg04f1c8ba98a0fcfaebf282f8cf565c5a.jpg96a3ec83906a713c4d6af3f721d1f59d.jpgb78705dfd65ebbaf39957bfa99353679.jpg50b6993db03432ab956a6c060fbd7584.jpg2be44f8782142a082d9f58848308e48e.jpgf57f4d486544b5c048b9cb22514d198a.jpg5852d933e74833a71abd4f9b0d2fb98c.jpg

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Thank you Tim.  All your photos from this week have been awesome!  Thank you for sharing them brother 
Thanks! All I do is get myself into painful situations and take a pic.

And here's a video from this morning.

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