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  1. Light rain in Asheville, but it's probably going to change back to snow.
  2. Moisture stream is now coming from the northwest in Asheville, so this might be our chance.
  3. So the NAM and HRRR are in huge disagreement, especially in lower elevations like Asheville. Anyone have thoughts?
  4. Some of the reasons are: 1) It's a smaller group. Larger groups always attract weenies, trolls, and idiots. 2) Lower stakes. We all typically see snow at least once every year, so each event doesn't feel like our only chance.
  5. Crazy that we’re talking about snow on one end of the state (NC) and tornadoes on the other. What a dynamic water weather system! EDIT: "Weather," not "water" lol.
  6. I'm looking for a KAVL Skew-T sounding, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Is that data publicly available?
  7. I have family in Wilmington. Does anyone know of any livestreams?
  8. Don't see that kind of storm around here very often.
  9. Anyone else watching that MCS in Tennessee? If it holds together, it could surprise some people overnight.
  10. I've been interested in getting photos of red sprites. Does anybody know how low-topped supercells behave regarding lightning and red sprite potential?