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  1. FYI, light snow has broken out in parts of the mountains, not depicted on any model. It could bode well for those downstream.
  2. The models keep showing a band of light snow blooming around 7 p.m. then moving east.
  3. The NAM's treatment of the surface low still looks very odd. Don't CAD setups tend to guide the surface low toward the margins of the CAD?
  4. Why is it that warm air can get in here and lower our snow totals but cold air never makes it over the mountains in time? Is it simply that the warm air has an easier time rising over the mountains and funneling in?
  5. I know we're talking about this weekend, but the models are also hinting at a winter storm next weekend.
  6. I won’t put much stock in these model runs until Thursday at the earliest.
  7. The cell just north of Pittsburgh looks like it has a TDS.
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