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February 21-23 Major Winter Storm


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Maybe Ricky or somebody can clairfy this... but according to my reading of FRAM, it doesn't account for max temp (or max wet bulb temp) aloft?

Definitely have some competing factors with this ice event.  Decent winds, which is a positive for offsetting the latent heat release.  But heavy rates tend to not accrete well and the magnitude of the warm nose aloft won't help in areas where that's very warm.

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*slightly off topic*

one thing I’ve noticed since moving to this regional board is that there’s a lot of discussion about latest/different models… but no screenshots to go with the post. So I have to kind of look around online to see which model you’re talking about. Just sorta wondering why folks don’t attach a quick pic of model (or at least link) so we can easily correlate post with visual.

*end of off topic, carry on*

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4 minutes ago, sbnwx85 said:

Final call: cold rain. Going to be a doozy of an ice storm just about a county or two north though. Might be close enough to look around before work Thursday morning.

Seriously think I might nab a personal record for amount of rain with temps in the mid 30s.  

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