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The event of the season - 2 days of hell!

Go Kart Mozart

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11 minutes ago, TalcottWx said:

Sea smoke BOS harbor. Never once seen before. Reminds me of Feb 2015 when there were icebergs big enough to sink the titanic at Carson Beach in Southie


It's the Coast Guard photo of the coyote running across the bay for me.


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1 hour ago, weathafella said:

-9.  Coldest since I’ve been here obviously. Temps cratering all around.  Remember when qq suggested we add 30 to the euro last week?

Persistence….it works till it doesn’t. It was hard to believe for some that this would verify as it is, but this is legit shit! Qg busted hard…Said it would never happen. He wrong.  

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7 minutes ago, CoastalWx said:

You aren’t colder than Ray. That was my point. Maybe those PWS have unshielded sensors. 

I always thought mine as 1-1.5 too low.  But the relative change is still happening albeit slowing down.

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