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April 18 Nor’easter

Weather Will

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22 minutes ago, osfan24 said:

Would have been really cool. I was hoping to see some flakes today but no cigar. Interesting that Columbia reported a trace this morning. I thought I might have heard a few sleet pellets against the windows this morning but it wasn't enough to get me up to look. Guessing that's what happened given the Columbia report from earlier.

I thought I heard a few at that time as well, but it was pouring, so I didn’t venture out to confirm.

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1 hour ago, WinterWxLuvr said:

I thought it but didn’t say it, but I think LWX was unwise to seemingly disregard the majority of guidance that I had access to. Most showed pretty much exactly what happened out here. I know it’s April, but so do the models.

They consider a lot more than the snow maps though, which was mostly what I saw being posted/discussed here lol. Pretty tough to be bullish on snowfall in mid April outside of the far western highlands. When I looked at the forecast out your way this morning the wording was for some snow, but 'little or no accumulation'. Was the end result really that much different? Maybe they could have started with an inch or less, then upgraded to 1-2. Doesn't seem like an egregious disregard for the guidance, which clearly depicted any significant accumulating snow occurring further west.

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