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Central PA - Summer 2021

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Just hit the 4.00" mark as the back end progresses towards me.  It has been breezy for sure and the temp is holding at 63.7 so it's kind of chilly/raw out.  Carlisle was under a flood warning earlier.  Not sure if it was just local roads.  There are a few low lying roads that almost always flood over with any amount of heavy rain.  Not sure I have enough intact records to go back in time to the last date I received 4 or more inches in a day.  I don't recall having a day like this at all last year.  Maybe others can chime in if they have any info on that.

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12 minutes ago, Itstrainingtime said:

lol, I posted when you did. Rain has lightened considerably over the past 45 minutes. We'll see what happens.

I’m guessing I’m close to 6” but like I said earlier won’t know for sure until tomorrow. Looks like we have one last batch to get through and as others have said winds really picking up. 

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