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Central PA - Summer 2021

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3 hours ago, Bubbler86 said:

If you look back at the first Winter 20/21 and Fall 20 thread you will see they both started using the dates Met's use.  So I still contend that this is a primarily cold driven board which is fine using Met dates for fall and winter but uses Astro dates for Spring and Summer as sort of a "well if I have to, I have to" way of trying to hang on to Winter and Spring longer. 

Great point! I try to wish and hope for snow as early and as late as possible.

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Just now, Voyager said:

Of interest too is that for once we aren't battling overcast conditions.  Sitting in full sunshine in Tower City at the moment. 

MLCape is high enough, per AFDs, that there is going to be action this afternoon.  If it gets in a line like the Meso's suggest we all should see some or maybe just a few unlucky skip overs. 

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