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December was a B for me, not really cold but fairly pleasant and January a solid A considering my climo. I am already above avg. for snowfall on the season, got to see my brother make a Sleetman, and had several weeks in a row with wintery precip, everything else is gravy from here on out

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Thank God this winter is almost over. Its been taken behind the woodshed and beat the Fuuck up badly. It sucked overall. Only good part was the cold temps. But another season with less than 3" here. what else is new. I guess I can put the snow shovel away,........................oh wait I never took it out:lol:

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Whelp, the long term looks bleak for anything fun in the SE.

And of course I'm headed to Utah for work next week, skiing 3-4 days in Deer Valley the following weekend/week and they've had one of the worst/driest Jan/Febs on average. I'm really paying for the 29 inches in 36 hours we got at Alta in mid Dec. Hopefully we can get lucky enough to see a pattern shift and at least a few inches while out there.

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11 hours ago, Brick Tamland said:

Only one measurable snow event around 3 inches. Couldn't get everything to come together when we had that 3 week stretch of potential to get anything else. I think this is the new normal around here. 

Completely understand the frustration, but I’m a firm believer that any weather event that has occurred in the past will materialize again at some point in the future.  

Moreover, I suspect it’s also only a matter of time before we return to a more productive climate state (e.g, a cycle similar to the 1980’s).  Even so, one still needs to keep things in their proper perspective, given that we do actually live in the “southeast.”  

For just me personally, I can appreciate that 6” plus events are so relatively rare, as it enhances the significance of them…when they do occur.  

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