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Super Bowl Sunday Snow Show


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All we managed in Ooltewah was a dusting. The ground was white but not completely covered. These pics are from Signal Mtn, not Ooltewah.


The only snow now is spotty in yards and a few rooftops and cars.


Almost 1 year to the day of last years February 8th surprise 3-4" we managed to get. That was a heavy, wet snow and by 1pm it was completely gone.


Hopefully this little dusting is a precursor for bigger things down the road.


Congrats to everyone outside the Chattanooga area who got snow. My son-in-law sent me these pictures from his Signal Mtn home a few minutes ago. Looks like they managed a little over 1".


I edited to add the 2 pitiful pictures I just took at our house to show how snow starved we are. . This is all that remains here.





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Elevation made a huge difference here in MoCo. Just 200 feet above my elevation:
You can see how close the heavier snow was to the valley floor.
1/4" now and melting fast, even at 1300' here in Mossy Grove. 

This was a strange system. Temps were not that big of an issue once it turned to 100% snow at my house. 4 miles south of me in Ft City got a dusting but they are about 300 to 400 foot lower than me. I’m shocked the valley areas of Morgan just got a heavy dusting.

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