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  1. Same. It’s sunny and warm in Athens.
  2. @Kasper Got five inches exactly over here. Maybe this band will drop a little more.
  3. That’s about what I have. I’m going to measure it around 7:00ish when this is fully moved out. It’s still ripping here.
  4. Radar is basically empty here, but it’s absolutely ripping.
  5. I just happened to walk outside and thought…”That’s not supposed to be happening.”
  6. Rain has started in Athens. Seems it is here a little early.
  7. Is there a particular model that has handled this storm the best?
  8. @Kasper Got your milk and bread? Food City will be a mad house this afternoon!
  9. Bet that wind is something fierce up there.
  10. I bet the Skyway is a mess. Had a buddy ride up there around 2 or 3. He said it was starting to get bad.
  11. Heavy band over us right now. @Kasper
  12. @KasperFor sure! It’s laying good over here now. Crestway is about covered. Can’t believe people are still driving on it.
  13. @Kasper Pounding snow here again.
  14. It’s stopped completely here.
  15. Wow! Must be pretty bad. Imagine the Skyway might follow suit.
  16. @Kasper Yep! This is crazy. Absolutely beautiful. Caught a deer going through the woods behind my house not long ago. Picturesque.
  17. Snow has tapered off here. Not sure what if we are in dry slot or what.
  18. @Kasper This is a nice surprise. Absolutely ripping fatties here.
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