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  1. HRRR still showing 1.5" for my area. I'm hoping that holds true.
  2. They were discussing it this morning on TWC. The graphic had us in the 1-3 range. WRCB said 1.3
  3. I’m not as educated on this stuff as most of y’all, but it seems like this isn’t materializing much over the valley today. Barely been drizzling much of the morning in Athens.
  4. Thank you! Hoping it will materialize. The NAM and other short-range models aren’t giving me much hope.
  5. What are the chances we see some accumulating snow from that system?
  6. Hoping the NAM/others showing us with snow come to fruition.
  7. It looks very favorable for the Valley.
  8. Lol co-sign. I’ve got family up in Coker Creek and Turkey Creek (the REAL Turkey Creek haha). I imagine they’ll see some, if nothing else.
  9. Raining here in Athens. Hoping we can get at least some accumulating snow, but I’m not getting my hopes up.
  10. Long time lurker here. Love the site, and love the insight you all provide!