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  1. Is this person suggesting there’s a (relatively) large extent of arctic sea ice? As it stands it looks like we are currently tied roughly with 2011/12 with the lowest extent on record. That’s extreme relativity there. Also while we are expected to see increased solar activity it is my understanding that we are also in a century-class minimum so our increasing activity may still resemble low solar output conditions. sorry to take this off topic, I’m sure it’s a strong correlation but maybe not the best year/conditions to test the strength of it.
  2. Just my opinion but I have two thoughts on that. First is that law of averages would suggest we are due for a good season, or at least a good hitter or two. And speaking of averages, starting next year the ‘cool’ 80’s drop off the 30 year climate data charts which means we will likely see a change in averages, perhaps skewing more cool since the 90’s and 00’s were so warm. Oceans will probably continue their warm phases which will continue to skew the ‘global’ temperatures though.
  3. Well Morristown originally thought I wouldn’t get any snow two weekends ago and I ended up with over two inches. By linear thought progression that means I should get over 4” this time in Farragut.
  4. Has Dr. No come in with the 12z yet? If the trend shows up there in some form then I will start getting excited
  5. Some snowflakes mixing in with rain here in Farragut. Heard it is all snow on western avenue near the city
  6. Their pm update is coming in about an hour, hopefully they drop the hammer and everything keeps trending nicely. all precip has stopped in Farragut but temperature is dropping more steadily now.
  7. I saw the banding but when it went through the precip at the surface got lighter not heavier. Just a mist here with temp at 39. Hopefully it does more up your way. Reports of some sleet mixed in with mostly rain off western avenue.
  8. I’m in Farragut under those high returns. It’s barely doing anything here. Must be higher level reflectivity
  9. I feel like cold air moving at 110mph is something you’d see in the Day After Tomorrow movie
  10. I’ve only tried on my phone and it hasnt worked yet, but I’m also a bad millennial-I’m not savvy with this stuff. I’ll try on my computer in a bit to see if that’s better for me.
  11. Can you describe what you saw in your link? It doesn’t work for me lol.