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  1. Took out a round bale of hay to the field yesterday, was so dang muddy. Was thinking how difficult it must be for power restoration crews. And that was before the rain...
  2. Overachiever here yesterday, roads are solid ice this morning
  3. insane what a difference 10 miles makes in the weather here, alot of backup has arrived to help restore power.
  4. same, was mostly rain here at 26. was still among the biggest snows of the season here
  5. I'll never doubt the warm nose ever again, someone must have got dumped on around here. 33 now
  6. right, freezing rain coming down at a decent clip - 27
  7. Alot of ice was around today, alot of snow and ice will be around tomorrow. Forecasted highs tomorrow were only like 33-34? They missed big on highs today here.
  8. Huge bust on forcasted temps here, and I'm loving it. Happy you were able to cash in.
  9. I don't see this changing to rain, but very challenging area to forecast.
  10. Just started here shouldn't be much longer, really coming down now
  11. Strike that, moderate snow now at 26 degrees
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