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  1. Yeah, well I noticed they canceled some training at the county office this evening. I was worried about the kids getting out in time as well. I think schools may be canceled tomorrow. Regardless of what we get here the roads are wet and it is already below freezing. Probably going to be some nasty icy spots in the morning. Haha, well I am definitely not complaining! Nice to have something over perform in our favor here regardless of how minor. Hope you guys are getting wrecked higher up.
  2. Already 31 degrees here in North AVL with a patchy dusting. I didn't think it was supposed to get below freezing until tonight here?
  3. Crazy the difference a few miles makes. I noticed looking south earlier that the cloud deck seemed sparse. It was snowing harder than the big storm earlier this year.
  4. Heavy snow in North AVL. Got a dusting on grass! 34 degrees.
  5. Yes, and it is incredible.
  6. Have some heavy flakes right now.
  7. That is certainly true. Anyone have any historical drought data for WNC? Just curious as to what years have been historically dry for this part of the state. Particularly in the Fall and Winter.
  8. After this Summer, cold rain doesn't seem bad at all. And of course it is needed. Is it better we are in a drought now as opposed to in the dead of Winter? I mean things have to flip eventually precipitation wise and I'm sure most would rather it not occur now than in the dead of Winter. Is there any data to support this? I'm just spit balling here.
  9. Honestly Accuweather's forecast looks pretty similar to what we are experiencing now. Warmer than average with not a whole lot of precipitation.
  10. I've never been more excited for this temperature range.
  11. Thanks for the welcome! Will see you on the other side soon enough. Haha, well at least JC has me prepared me somewhat for the snow shadow. I'm looking forward to learning some of the micro-climates of the area. At least there should be some snow in the mountains if I desire to see it! Thanks, Jax! Honestly probably not moving much. Just essentials. Going to start fresh. Thanks! I will be sure to pop in from time to time. I still know a lot of people in JC and have plenty of family in Knoxville, so I would like to keep my eyes on the conditions for them as well. Hope you guys get some good stuff too! Thanks Carver! Yeah, I'm pretty stoked to learn about how the weather works down that way. Definitely can be different on the other side, which is amazing considering how close it is. I am excited to get in on that CAD goodness! You guys have been great. I will not stay a stranger!
  12. Hey everyone, I have not been on here since Winter. Some Summer! I am not a fan of all the heat. Enough already! Anyway, I am going to be moving to the other side of the mountains. I accepted a job in Asheville yesterday. I'm stoked for a fresh start but a bit nervous; I have never not lived in the TN valley! I'm going to miss it. I hope it's alright if I still pop in time to time, especially in the Winter. Some great posters here.
  13. Hey guys looking for some advice on some good, short, scenic, hiking trails. Any particular scenic hikes you would recommend? Needs to be something we can complete within 3 to 4 hours. Also, preferably places around TRI. Places I have been around here: Roan Mountain, Rock Creek Falls (Unicoi), Buffalo Mountain, and Elk River Falls. Thanks in advance!
  14. OBS

    Still pretty windy out. Ripping some small flakes. Really wet snow, but hard. Almost sounds like sleet. Got a dusting on cars, deck, and grass. 35 degrees.
  15. OBS

    Wind has been ripping all evening/night. Very loud. Actually getting some flurries and tiny flakes.