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  1. Got clouds moving in multiple directions here in Knox. High clouds from west to east and low clouds moving from south to north and even some coming from southeast to northwest. I don't know what that means or if it means anything in regards to this system, but thought I would share this observation. Pretty odd looking up at the sky right now. Hope everyone stays safe!
  2. I am with you and Stove on this one. If it keeps showing a storm, I am gonna expect a sloppy dusting until the ground shows otherwise. This year:
  3. It's been a fairly average winter here in Knoxville. Got about 4 inches at Christmas, 1 last night and a handful of Dustings. Probably puts us pretty close to seasonal average. But way better in comparison to past couple years for sure!
  4. Could the tennis and ping ponging on models be due to struggling to recognize p-types?
  5. I think I remember that. I was in JC and it was like 50 degrees but up near Kingsport they had snow. It was like a super heated line up the spine of the Apps and the foothills immediate to them. My parents in Anderson county had a few inches and Knox saw snow. It was almost like a mini cad event in the valley. Cold air banked up against the plateau. It was a odd storm. I remember it vividly because I was pissed at getting blanked. LOL
  6. My goodness, if that verifies and it then rains a bunch it is gonna be a mess.
  7. Maybe for the potential flash freeze? It is pretty wet. Don't know if the wind will dry it up before the cold though.
  8. Was sprinkling here at the house at 33. Some stations at 32 here in the valley.
  9. GFS looks like the cold air is a little further east. Starting to creep into the valley on Tuesday morning.
  10. Is there any chance that ice could fall as sleet, snow, or mix? Anything else is better than ice. Or any chance it could cut north? Would rather a cutter than ice.
  11. Kind of nervous about temps here in the valley and dry slotting. Not really feeling it to be honest. Seems any time I have to worry about that it means some snow TV and a patchy dusting at best. I would love to be wrong but climatology usually wins at the end of the day. Mountains and plateau will get theirs.
  12. Sleet, snow, and chunks of ice falling from the sky. Crazy how some of it is clumping up as it falls. Already coated everything and out performed the last 2 "events" here.
  13. Woke up to a dusting here in Knox. Some fine dandruff falling right now at a steady clip.