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  1. Yeah, it has been nonstop flashbulbs. Coming up on 3 inches of water. Real impressive storm. My yard is a lake. And it looks like there is a stout line coming in behind it. You should be seeing that soon. What is the cause of this? The flow? Like the opposite of a rain shadow or something.
  2. Anyone else been under this neverending cell in Anderson/Knox? Two hours and this little storm is still kicking. Already two inches of rain and a flood warning.
  3. Yeah, we are due for a dry year. Sucks, as I much rather be too wet than too dry. I am currently watching that little break and hoping it fills in. My yard desperately needs rain at the moment (as I am sure most people's yards here need). I did manage a whooping .01 this morning. Hope it fills in or manages a little back build for you.
  4. Today we had the most rain in a while in Knoxville. Also, the best thunder and lightning of the season this far. Saw a few huge bolts this morning. Think one struck very close to work. Last few storm threats have been mostly wind here, so it was a nice change of pace.
  5. There is a fire in Anderson County across from my parent's place currently.
  6. My station reads a low of 12 this morning. My totals for the year are at 12 inches. Well above average due to this storm. Not sure how to rate the winter overall. January was great with a bunch of smaller events and cold. This storm was of course amazing, making it an excellent March. But December and February were terrible for snow lovers in the valley. However, the results don't lie so I have to give this Winter an A. It is something to think about when looking at the historical record. An awesome winter on paper still can have stretches of warm and snowlessness. Anyway, bring on the spring. I am ready for it now. I will see you guys next season. It has been fun!
  7. Just cleaned off the cars and did some shoveling. You can tell this is some high ratio stuff. Easy to move like light sand or something. Going to be a tough shell by tomorrow morning.. And now this little snow shower is already trying to cover it up again.
  8. Looks like the snow has stopped. Ended with 7 inches. Not bad for mid March! I got more snow today than the previous events combined.
  9. Probably on average around 6.5 inches. I did also measure some random spots of 7.5 to 8 inches out in the yard as well. Wind drifts? There are few seemingly random larger piles of snow out there along with some smaller ones, around 5 inches or so. Seems it got blown around some. Pretty awesome event! A nice little Jr. 93 here. Beautiful snow coming down right now. Maybe another inch? Edit: enjoy the dog nose.
  10. About to step with dog for the last band. When I checked a few hours ago, I was at a little over 3.
  11. At least 3 inches here. It is thick! Some spots show more.
  12. I know I said I was going to sleep but the temp has fallen drastically. Now at 44. Been 15 minutes.
  13. 50 degrees with sprinkles here. Wind ripping. Front coming through. High of 69 degrees. Let's do this. Reporting back at 4 am.
  14. Yeah after reviewing the models, me and my wife are too lol And dog as well.
  15. What time is the heaviest rates of snow coming through Knox? Like 3 am or 4 am? Going to wake up for it because...
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