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  1. Yeah, at my house it is 35 but the models don't seem to have me getting there for another 4 or 5 hours.
  2. In Swannanoa my truck was covered in ice from sleet/rain/snow mix when I got off work. Just rain here in South Asheville.
  3. All snow just south of downtown. Dropped 6 degrees in the last hour. 34 and already a dusting on grass and cars.
  4. Next Tuesday-Wednessay looked great on the Euro for the mountains. 6 plus inches of snow with temps falling in the teens and wind gusts in the 30 mph range.
  5. Crazy the snowfall variation in Buncombe. Ncjoaquin, where are you located? Getting close to 8 inches South of downtown. Had a lot of sleet mix in so the snow pack is dense and crunchy. Going to be a glacier when it refreezes! Anyone excited for part 2 later tonight? HRRR and 3k Nam showing WNC filling back in pretty nicely. Think some of us could squeeze in a few inches if all goes well.
  6. Temps are falling here in AVL looking at the wundermap. Especially at places receiving precipitation.
  7. Been mixing here for the past 30 minutes. Gradually seeing more snow. I'm a few miles South of downtown.
  8. I remember an event like this a few years ago when I lived in JC. 2013 or 2014? Snowing to my north, south, east, and west. It was mid 40s and overcast.
  9. Crazy! Even a nice dusting in Asheville and still falling.
  10. Anybody paying attention to the weather overnight? Nam shows a little freezing rain and a little snow (trace to an inch) for some of the mountains. Could be some slick spots in the morning. Surprised there is not even a special statement or anything out. Be safe!
  11. Seems to be all snow in Asheville now. Wind is starting to rip here too. Very pretty out looking at the streetlights.
  12. Pouring in Asheville right now. Think some rain is mixed in. Very loud. But a lot of big flakes too!
  13. Coming down good now. You can hear it. Almost sounds like sleet. Little hard flakes. Dusting status achieved.
  14. The HRRR is pretty awesome for this area. Especially when considering we would be looking at much higher ratios than 10 to 1.
  15. I was at 43 degrees at 5. Now at 30 degrees. The front means business. I dropped 6 degrees in an hour.
  16. Already getting a light coating on surfaces here. Really glad we don't have to worry about wasting moisture with temps. Already down to 30 degrees.
  17. Hmm...well the NAM doesn't show a lot in terms of snow maps and the radar even looks anemic as it comes over the mountains; however, at 700 things look moist as well as at the surface. The RGEM actually looks pretty awesome on precipitation. We may not get the most snow, but I also don't think we will get totally blanked. Ratios should be great and timing is actually ideal for us (late evening into the night).
  18. Wow, just looked at Ray's weather and the temperature spread for Buncombe county is insane. 39 at airport and 27 in Weaverville. 29 at UNCA and 35 in downtown and those are only a mile apart! Very interesting.
  19. Hey guys, just spoke with my mom and she is reporting some sleet in Knoxville. She works near Turkey Creek.
  20. Yup, better safe than sorry. Last week terrible in Asheville and it was a miniscule glaze. This could be terrible with the morning commute. Glad people are now warned.
  21. Got a solid dusting in AVL. With the thin layer of ice, it's much dicer out even compared to the last big storm. Saw many wrecks earlier when out.
  22. Roads are now all white again and everything has a fresh coating. Easily a half inch in 15 minutes. Maybe more. Almost whiteout conditions for a few minutes. Still coming down, just small flakes now. Insane. Even the NWFS is delivering here.