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Fall/Winter 20-21 General Observations


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46 minutes ago, 1234snow said:

Just come back in from shoveling the driveway. Measured right at an inch. The snowflakes were the biggest of the season there for a couple of minutes.

In a lull now.

Higher elevations around town have a decent dusting.  Once you hit the EB, it is all rain.  Was very marginal in terms of temps.  Glad you all scored up that way.  Was a nice surprise!

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Planet pre-observation for Friday night: Uranus should be visible through binoculars or telescope just to the lower left (mainly lower) of Mars. 

Couple nights ago Uranus would have been easy to find between Mars and the Moon, but of course it was cloudy. Moon has moved. Planets are a little slower compared to the Moon.

One should be able to find Uranus lower slightly left of Mars, about 7'clock that's direction from Mars (orange or reddish). Well the time might work too, just make sure it's dark. Uranus is not visible without magnification. 

This wasn't worth a thread, but it's more than banter. It will soon be an observation. Should be valid Friday and Saturday night. Sunday night looks cloudy. Have a good weekend!

UPDATE regrettably it was cloudy Saturday and Sunday. Friday Uranus was hard to discern from stars using binoculars; however, Uranus is a small blue disk through a telescope. Nothing like the other planets, but obviously a planet vs a point of light star.

AHEAD I would think Uranus will stay near Mars for a few days. Honestly it's easier to use a programmable telescope. Will attempt Andromeda again. Usually it's obvious in a 'scope but I don't think I was lined up right Friday. All of the above are pretty high in the sky early evening.

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