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  1. My wife said the same thing. Is that it for the night???? Looking at radar to the west doesn’t look that impressive.
  2. Anybody heard from Jeff? Kansas is playing for a Natty tonight and we haven't heard a peep!!!!
  3. Now saying the fire has spread to 3,000 acres with zero containemnt (per the lt governor). Mandatory evacuations from Wears Valley and Walden Creek area. There's a news conference at 10am for updates.
  4. I heard a brief report but can't remember all of it. Said something along the lines of higher humidity and dewpoints helped slow the spread some, but still struggling for containment. Interviewed a lady who lives in Wears Valley said the tourists and rubberneckers need to get out of the way so EMS can get to the fires.
  5. Does this annoy the living bejezus out of anyone else or is it just me???? That's not tonight.....that's tomorrow morning!!!!
  6. I'm terrible at deciphering these things. Would that indicate the typical "cold rain" scenario with some sleet mixed in?
  7. Not to be a negative Nancy, but I'm not putting much stock in this. I'll admit I haven't been following along on this system because of other work/life responsiblities, but this year just hasn't worked out very well for my location in Knoxville when compared to the many opportunites for bigger storms. The main thing that makes me not get excited about this is the transfer of energy off the coast. I just haven't seen very favorable results in those type scenarios for my location this year. Plus.....my skin has already felt the warmer temps of impending spring, and I'm done with winter. So I'll begrudgingly take my four snows of one inch each and call it done. (I have stated my rant, so lets hope I'm wrong and we all get a big thumping!!!)
  8. Based on the thunder / lightning we got last night, I fully expect the TIMS model to give me solid 1-2 FEET of snow in the very near future.
  9. My annoyance (among many...ha!) is that it's being reported that he's suspended for the "rest of the season"!!!! What's being overlooked by many is it's just for the REGULAR season.....so a few more weeks. Comes time for post-season........he's baaaaaaaack!!!! My take is he should be suspended for the rest of the season....no matter how long it is.
  10. Assume this is before the multidirectional shift away from the great TN Valley region?
  11. Rebuttal to the last sentence of the Knoxville entry: "having less snow might seem nice and certainly be convenient, but it represents a gradual decline in regional climate that will have a ripple effect on what grows and what survives." We get plenty of cold rain to make up the difference.
  12. You forgot Georgia’s very own General Beauregard Lee!!! He didn’t see his shadow today…..so bring on the warmer weather!!!!
  13. Bio on his main page says he's a forecaster with NWS/SPC............
  14. Seeing that the interstates in Knoxville had more brine than I had snow (.77” vs dusting)……my wife and I went on a 10 mile hike in the GSMNP. We started at Chestnut Top trail, went down Schoolhouse Gap to Laurel Creek Rd. Since it was closed, we walked the last 3.7 back on the road. Temp was 21 when we started and 28 when we finished. I would guess the max depth of snow to be around 3”.
  15. MRX evening update raised totals in Knoxville area to around an inch. We shall see…..
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