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  1. Yeah it can happen. Was it Opal? Storm in the mid-1990s crapped out on the way in. However they've gone the other way recently. Florida must remain on guard regardless of Category. Big wind field would maintain energy.
  2. Pretty ludicrous tbh. it appears the models missed a little short-wave ridge north of it. Said short-wave ridging did two things. Typhoon turned left with RI. Andrew pulled a stunt like that east of Florida.
  3. Clearwater and St. Pete at least looks in the right side passing, if not worse. @Dbullsfan22 I'm already looking for non-met friends down there; otherwise, the Board normally does not do that type of forecast.
  4. I know seasonal forecasting is precarious.. However I think I declare the Vols are back! In even strangers news, Kansas could get ranked soon.
  5. Still seems on track. Chatty will depend on a lucky track. Agree the Mid-South looks better for snow than the true Tennessee Valley. TRI has that nerve racking taking turns with wind direction between Kingsport and JC. Probably splits a little both ways. Upslope one side. Heartbreak ridge the other. Clint Eastwood movie reference.
  6. Heat next week looks like moderate humidity and low temps in the 60s; so, it won't be horrible. Even if we get well into the 90s it won't feel anything like August. Lower sun angle too. Though computer models have amped up next week the last 36 hours or so, just overnight some dents in the ridge show by Day 10. With zig zag models we are due for a downtrend. Just one more reason it won't be too bad next week. However AN temps will probably be dominant the rest of the month. Enjoy mornings like the last couple when we get them. Eventually fall wx will be consistent, right when football gets back into the heart of conference play.
  7. Yeah I agree with John above. February chart is as classic as it gets! I-40 specials; crap south. Can you hear my dripping cynicism as I type? Chattanooga blanked probably verifies! Now I also agree with Jax that severe could get going again fall and winter. How about January snow Hoosier Alley with tornadoes Dixie Alley? Well probably more likely Nov-Dec and again in Feb. If that happens in January. Oh wait, it did this year! PDO is looking quite bearish Southeast. Mid South and of course I-40 can still get it from cutters. HSV to CHA, I'll see you under the grungy meso this winter!
  8. It's been a minute so I'm catching up. Yes @jaxjagman we had BN fireflies in Chattanooga. I was disappointed because I wanted to show the Baby. Older kid is just like whatever Dad. Can we get the telescope out? So there's hope! How about them Vols!? Road win at Pitt was gutsy. Probably would have won big at home. Kansas also with the road win at West Virginia! Hopefully many of their annoying basketball fans saw that, lol. The other upsets mentioned above @John1122 were good entertainment. Wisconsin might get honorable mention for the choke trophy. Marshall really appreciated the win at ND as they soaked in the moment with graciousness. Cool!
  9. Maybe the Atlantic will give us something to watch. Wall of shear in the Caribbean at the moment. Euro wants to weaken it midweek but the damage may be done. Don't forget to visit the main Tropical Headquarters too. Meanwhile in the Pacific both the US Navy and Japan Met Agency have typhoons going straight west toward China. Forecast ends still at sea. Anyway that could bump up the ABNA which is not a cool weather pattern for North America. No surprise model extended forecasts (1-15 day) warmed up over the weekend. It's not crazy hot, but annoying after hope last week. September is starting to look less cool, but on the optimistic side there's no reason to go blowtorch either.
  10. My memorable trifecta was Gilbert, Hugo and Andrew. Each one was worse than the other for the US. Andrew had that pause with some shear; then it passed, and Andrew turned left with RI because to a short-wave ridge. That little feature was remarkable. As for the proximity to landfall RI, Camille excepted, storms usually can't maintain Cat 5 for more than 12-24 hours. It's probably a mix of issues researched. Perfect conditions are rare. Momentum does not last forever in the Atmo. Energy is used and the sea surface is churned. The big ones still carry their ACE - like Katrina. But we have to watch out for those named above that bombed right before and into landfall. Back to my trifecta. Gilbert was the first one I tracked really seriously. Hugo shocked me into SC. Andrew was (for me) THEE storm of record until Katrina - which shocked me to a new level. Now we get shockers more frequently.
  11. Tis the season for tropical systems to increase model volatility. I was looking at some ensemble spread, reasonably tight through day 7 and then blows wide open by day 10 (looks more like day 14). Late August things. Short-term late next week toward Labor Day I could see Tennessee Valley temps verify above current forecast. If a tropical system enters the Gulf and approaches the US (even if just on its way to elsewhere) we'll probably get subsidence heat on the north side. Oh joy! Long-term we have Pacific action ramping up. Global models can't decide where to put the resulting troughs and ridges in the North Pacific into Alaska. China landfalls would amp up the ABNA and could be warm. Japan recurves could amp up Alaska, and bring our lovely East trough. Are you ready for some football? Weather. Atlantic also stays active on Ensembles the full two weeks. Deeper into September a tropical cyclone to our east can bring down cooler air. West still acts like a warm front, heat humidity and all. My gut is saying reasonable September temps - for the first time in years.
  12. Actually feels cool nights and mornings now. My blood thinned out like living in Houston, after weeks of 95 high 75 low. Looks like Sept may be reasonable there. However I laughed when I saw this on Oklahoma football Twitter: Fans being treated for heat exhaustion while OU plays cupcakes in September is a rite of passage. Been the same around here recent years for the SEC. Here's to actual football weather instead for football season.
  13. The two short-waves passing through today and Wednesday.. Can we instead save them for winter? The stalled front to our south included.
  14. Gotta choose seats wisely. So I'm not the only one? I always consider sun angle when I look at the seating chart for any outdoor sport. At the risk of jinxing it, shhh, glimmers of hope are showing up for a not hot Sept. Fingers crossed!
  15. Can't wait until those obs are snow bands. Yeah I said it! Since we're all thinking it, somebody has to be the weenie.
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