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  1. THIS from Carvers above. We had a good MJO thing going. Trying for SSW at the same time reminds me of an old Wall St saying. Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered. Don't be greedy! Strato confusion is mixed with tropical Pacific confusion. Both Japan and the US Navy have a typhoon developing in the West Pac. Curves away from the Phils mercifully. Talk about a royal cluster F in the extended forecast. GEFS and EPS do different things with that energy. Here is the sharp disagreement between the GEFS and EPS. Top European cluster (plurality not majority) at the surface is still cool Southeast with very warm Plains. GFS is warmer but 1/3 of its clusters are even colder Southeast - makes sense with the charts above. Bottom line. Enjoy the volatility!
  2. Iron Bowl I kept waiting for Auburn to block a Bama field goal or extra point. There's an interesting history there. First Iron Bowl OT in history was truly a gem though! Regulation was not as entertaining though. I watched the snow come down at the Michigan State game. Since it does not snow here anymore...
  3. GFS is particularly good at those 50 mb and 10 mb levels and it's been talked about for over a decade in the energy industry. Much as we make fun of it in the troposphere, we notice the stratosphere and plan accordioning. Don't pay attention to commodities this week due to market conditions. Pay attention to that Strato. OK the MJO is confusing right now due to Invests out there. Models got hung up on the yellow one in a mild area (Southeast US). Now they are starting to pick up on red, which is new but of greater interest. Just gained HDDs this afternoon. Big overnight gain (Colder Southeast US) would not surprise me tonight. Red Invest is over a cold signal area. https://www.metoc.navy.mil/jtwc/jtwc.html Joint Typhoon Warning Center is useful year-round for drilling down MJO propaganda.
  4. La Nina is notoriously volatile and yes the models will suffer. La Nina is still basin-wide. Weekly wiggles in the regions are noise compared to the overall signal. Meanwhile the negative trending QBO could be bullish; however, a fake-out would not be helpful. Invest in the West Pac has models confused going warmer. I'd give that a another couple days. Could flip right back cold Sunday or Monday.
  5. Getting bullish December vibes. First the keep it simple method, November was cold. Trend is one's friend in most cases. Second the GEFS just caved to the colder EPS at 12Z Friday. Now to the non-model evidence. MJO push is already strengthening the jet stream off Asia. It's usually strong this time of year, but it's really amped up now. ENSO with -GLAAM is a cold December pattern with southern storm track especially with the MJO coming out of the West Pac. Members know I'm usually pretty skeptical about cold; however, I have reasoning when I'm skeptical. No reason to be blindly mild. Right now the current trove of evidence supports a cold weather pattern.
  6. Here's another bullish take for our region, but the national picture if flipped compared to my previous teleconnection mixer. I trust we have no commercial lurkers here. Please do not share outside this sub-forum. Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. Yeah I'll take the EPS over the GEFS and we'll be right 9/10 times. Euro is markedly colder than the GFS. Can we get a December 2008? Note the large sample size, though it's days not weeks or months. Do not share outside this Region. Also the ABNA is somewhat steady with Aleutians Bering Sea ridge, and troughs in China and parts of Eastern North America. ABNA impacts shift a little south compared to summer (Canada) into the USA. ABNA had been reverse in summer, warm in Canada and mild in the Southeast US. Current mirror image Mongolia / Canada (and it does shift around) would be cold Southeast US. So while I'm bearish winter overall, the 11-15 day overnight flip is more evidence of a volatile pattern in the mid-term. Hopefully @Carvers Gap is right that we could get the December cold and a reload in January - before the January thaw that holds and ushers in that warm Feb.
  8. Yeah it's time to start the bearish winter thread, haha! Looks like December will start mild. Perhaps if the MJO wakes up or a Western US ridge pops up, cold can be delivered. GOA and NAO seem to check out after week 2. However Nina climo would favor some sort of cold in December. I have to favor toward Christmas, given this mild 6-15 day forecast. Full basin La Nina is a pretty solid signal for a mild back half of winter. Though La Nina is notoriously variable.
  9. It's a full basin La Nina. I expect our best chances first half of winter. Look for greater SER frequency and strength second half.
  10. One has to like the Vols performance against UNC. Villanova is notoriously hard to beat, at least of KU haha! Yeah I expect Tennessee in the second weekend.
  11. Yeah it looks volatile up and down temps. NAO may hang in there longer than progged on the weeklies. However the GOA low is likely, given the MJO pulse died an ugly death. IO Invests sapped it. Big question is a West Coast ridge (USA not Canada). Models missed that for the Mon-Tue cold coming in. 10 days ago models were meh. Now we have a 90th percentile November cold shot coming. So while the Arctic and Pacific battle it out, the US West Coast may be a tie breaker. Do we torch, or are models missing another West Coast ridge?
  12. Tennessee vs Villanova Saturday! Oh yeah college basketball season is rolling. Kansas looks good too, but our next significant game is a couple weeks away. So this weekend it's go Vols! @Mr. Kevin did you feel the Arkansas tremblor on Thursday? All, who woke up for the lunar eclipse this morning? I'd intended to say something about it ahead of time, like shocker clear skies for an astronomical event here! Long duration deep partial lunar eclipse extended the lunar version of the diamond ring. It was truly gorgeous! Eclipses never get old. We are now inside 2.5 years to the next jaw dropping, awe inspiring, total solar eclipse. Gonna be a longer drive but I'll be there!
  13. More Invests in the Indian Ocean sap the convection. No wonder the MJO goes into the circle of death. -NAO can do heavy lifting, and it's negative enough to do so, but only temporary as Pacific influences cause undercutting. December 2005 is right up with with December 1989 for full winter than full cancel. Speaking of cancel all the weeklies have canceled December. I wouldn't worry about the 3-6 week forecasts though. Actually yeah I would. If anything can go wrong, it will.
  14. Wow @John1122 you are braver than me. I try for the stealth exit, but honestly it probably sees me. So you skip right to the be loud phase? I figure any common sense move promotes survival. If you can only remember one bear rule, just don't F* with mamabear or her cubs!
  15. The MJO indeed stalled last week per looking at the historical index and also satellite movies. We have another Invest in the IO which could throw yet another wrench. However - key difference - is that convection is already in the West Pac. No surprise models have turned colder for the 6-15 day.
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