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7 hours ago, NRVwxfan. said:

Wow. Only 75? They are running a bit behind. Of course, they can hit 90 into October. Yea, 2016 was a miserable hot summer and 2018 seemed like it would never end. Hurricane Michael finally ended that summer. Do you happen to have this years stats for Augusta Bush Field (KAGS)? Here in the NRV,  today may be the last time this year we get close to 90. Highs will be in the 70s by week's end.

Yeah, Augusta is at 86 days of 90+, 30 days at 95+, and 7 of 100 +.  Looks very similar to CAE,  it's just that some of CAE 'S upper 80s days made it into the low 90s for Augusta.  That whole Cola to Aug to Orangeburg to Walterboro area is brutal.

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