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  1. I received the liquid equivalent of 0.79 inches and my lowest temp was only 33.1 (during the storm)! Rec'd about 1 inch snow - most snowfall melted on impact - we needed higher rates. Early afternoon Friday was amazing with high snowfall rates - then, rates significantly decreased.
  2. 23.8 this AM - significant snowmelt yesterday
  3. honestly, I'm encouraged/feel that the Carolinas/Southeast will have multiple snow events this season - I have nothing to back this statement however LOL
  4. well, it's over - 4 hours of continuous snowfall this morning - onto the next storm!
  5. crazy snow rates in Greenville ATM - really only replenishing what has melted this AM
  6. still snowing moderately in Greenville - temp holding steady at 34
  7. does anyone know how much Mt Mitchell rec'd from this event?
  8. does anyone know how much Mt Mitchell rec'd from this event?
  9. rapid snowmelt underway - my low temp was 33.1 this morning at 7:51am - now up to 34.4 - still snowing
  10. my temp is steadily rising now at 33.9 - must be the hot air from Simpsonville - mod sn continues - almost over
  11. absolutely beautiful snowfall - temp has dropped slightly
  12. the intellicast interactive radar shows a fairly heavy snow band moving thru the Greenville area - I expect snow for the next hour or so, then intermittent sunshine and serious snow melt
  13. I have at 1+ inches - but I am south of DT Greenville - my temp has risen 1/2 degree in the last 90 min - not sure why - I expect most this snow to melt before sunset
  14. honestly, this is the perfect snow - ground covered, roads clear, and power on! can't say that for NC, GA, or even AL!