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  1. I'm not native to Upstate SC - but, I've never seen so much sleet/ice in my life - I live about 2 miles north of the infamous Upstate I-85 winter dividing line - I've witnessed winter precip change from snow to sleet to rain and back in a matter of minutes! Some memorable winter storms (as you mentioned above): Devastating Dec 2005 Ice Storm - lived near Walhalla/Lake Keowee, SC so not significantly impacted but my SIL family (from Greenville) had to live with me for one week (due to no power/tree damage) Thundersnow March 2009 (lived in the snow desert of Simpsonville at that time but that area was bullseye for this storm) - last time I witnessed thundersnow was the incredible Winter Storm "93 in Alabama Snow Storm Jan 2011 - rec'd 6+ inches (don't recall exact amount, but heavy amounts/very powdery) - then rec'd sleet/ice several days later - fantastic storm! Back to Long Term Discussion... Anticipating the Arctic Air for Tues/Wed and lows in the 20's - I've lived in TN/AL and will enjoy seeing family/friends experience November snow (sad no snow here, but expecting some CAD events this winter)
  2. this winter description is exact - downsloping kills us - part of my youth was spent in Nashville, TN - remember many Alberta clippers - miss that the only winter salvation for Upstate SC is CAD - we have experienced some fantastic CAD winter events
  3. current temp is 69.9 - incredible for late August - my temp has been slowly falling since midnight
  4. low of 19.8, finally below freezing
  5. As I am not native to Upstate SC, can someone please describe the 2000 Carolina Crusher scenario? Did the Greenville, SC area receive any significant snowfall? I could find online articles mentioning North Carolina totals only.
  6. '85 Arctic Outbreak Memories (from the Mid-South): The '85 Arctic Outbreak was well forecasted/predicted - recall reading about in the newspaper/on TV days prior High temp one day was below zero (I recall the meteorologists on TV were speechless/shaking their heads) - I used to watch (the regionally famous) meteorologist Dave Brown on WMC-TV Memphis all the time (BTW, I used to watch Dave Brown/Lance Russell hosting "Championship Wrestling" every Sat morning as a kid - had no idea I was watching history) The month of Jan/early Feb 1985 was incredible for wintry weather: snow started falling NYD 1985 (or just thereafter) and remained on the ground (after multiple other snowfalls) for 3-4 weeks (in Memphis, TN) I recall being picked up by the school bus in mid-January in mod-heavy snow (snow had just started) - got to school - heavy sleet/snow continued without abatement - and, we were dismissed about an hour later
  7. I grew up in Memphis, TN and survived that '85 arctic outbreak - I recall having one day with a high below 0 - we had snow on the ground for weeks and I was out of school for nearly a month (almost the entire month of January) - 70's/80's winters were great
  8. bottomed out at 32.4/31 at 1:42am coldest rain ever, no ice accrual
  9. 32.5/31, mod precip continues
  10. 32.7/31, mod precip (? sleet mix)
  11. 33.0/31 with light rain, winds ENE