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  1. I lived in Memphis, TN metro for about 10 years in the 70's/80's - I recall multiple snowfalls over 4 inches and 1 snowfall over 12 inches. Obviously, ignore snowfall totals from one global model this far out; however, a MAJOR winter storm is coming for the Mid-South - prepare!
  2. largest snowflakes of the night, temp at 33
  3. temp slowly rising, temp at 33.1; mod sleet
  4. right on the line - heavy sleet at the moment - crazy
  5. 32.9, lots of recent mixing - mainly sleet now!
  6. that is amazing...32.9 with mod snow...live about 2 miles "north" of I-85
  7. temp holding steady at 33.0 rates lowering now light snow
  8. 1m temp at 33.0; mod snow; roads covered now
  9. 33.2/moderate snow with large flakes
  10. mod to heavy sleet near DT Greenville, SC, temp slowly falling, 37.7
  11. i think my snowfall rate is increasing