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7 minutes ago, NorthArlington101 said:

Petition to call it the Cobalt storm. If it works out, we get to say enthusiasm works. If it fails, we blame Cobalt.

its a coastal storm. it doesn't belong to anyone. end of story. 

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12 minutes ago, showmethesnow said:

I see. Spoken like a true politician. There's a conspiracy going on here and we the public have the right to know. Release the e-mails so we can sort through all the sordid details and decide for ourselves. 

call some guy in Russia....


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2 minutes ago, mattie g said:

Can you submit a customer request that people need to take and pass a basic intelligence test to be allowed to shop at Wegman's?


As long as they buy my product I don't care what their intelligence level is

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Please let's ban people from quoting already- posted, long text products of advisories that mean sh!t to the discussion. Who cares about blizzard warnings in Va Beach, or advisories in our area.... We all know where to find these products. Most of us have them alerted on our phone. It's criminal to post them to begin with but to quote them is more outrageous. 

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